Review: PARTiYA - Assholeraisers

PARTiYA - Assholeraisers (Digital)

This is a crust/grind band from Belarus and they are very active with releases and tours, they have played in several countries since 2007 and they have a lot of free to download stuff on the primitive distro blog. This album was released in april 2012 and it's so fucking raw. They sing in russian but there is translated lyrics enclosed and explanations as well. PARTiYA have released a split with Agathocles, and that use to say much about how the band sound. I really like how desperate Mysh sounds when he sing. I hope PARTiYA can make it all the way to Sweden in the future, because it would be fucking great to see them live. I have admit it before, I am not the best to review grind influenced music, but fuck that, I like PARTiYA, and if you are into this raw crust/grind will you like them too. Download this from Primitive Distro, you will get 20 tracks with ok sound quality. 

PARTiYA are interviewed in Schizo Fanzine #8, read a part of the interview here

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