Reviews: 2 releases from Underground Movement

Wolfbeast Destroyer - Far from grace (digital)

I read that Wolfbeat Destroyer are influenced by swedish bands, like Disfear and Wolfpack. And it's easy to hear those influences. It's traditional dirty D-beat with raw vocals. If you like Disgust, and in particular their album Brutality of war will you like Wolfbeast Destroyer. These tracks will be released as a 10" vinyl in 3 different colours. 8 tracks of dirty D-beat, it won't be better and I think Wolfbeast Destroyer deserve much cred, don't be surprised if there will be an interview in Schizo #9 

Twisted Mass - S/t (digital)

This Dublin band just explode with furious crust and if I have to compare with other bands would I choose Kvoteringen, DS-13 and Tragedy. This is really high class crust. Underground Movement seems to release lot's of good stuff, visit their site. I got this as a digital version, but they will release it as a MCD and it's 5 fantastic tracks. How can a band from such a beautiful country as Ireland sound so fucking angry? There is occasionally some insinuation of metal and I don't use to say this often but according to my opinion is the metal just a boost.

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