Review: Agamenon Project - The masters aren't enough to us

Agamenon Project - The masters aren't enough to us (digital)

This is a one man band with lot's of releases in his bag. This is all about noisy grindcore, and even if I like grindcore will I probably not be the right man to review it. But I will give it a try. Agamenon Project have relased splits with bands like: Agathocles, Slaughtergrave, Rancid Fles and many more. The first time I heard this digital album was my thought that it was too noisy. But when I listen now is it just perfect. And it's far from all the boring goregrind bands. The song titles more sounds like a political crust band, and there is some crust feelings in a few tracks, that make it so much better than just ordinary grind band. Lay Off Me sounds like an old Nasum track. I can recommend this for people who like grind and want to hear something new. 

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