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This is the 100.th contribution on Schizo Fanzine Blogg. And it have been over 
10.000 visits now. Thanx for that. I hope you will continue to read what I write. 

I am waiting for answers from 2 bands to Schizo Fanzine #8, I will see if I get them soon, otherwise will I probably interview some other bands that care to answer. I am very satisfied with #8 so far and it will be hell of a lot for you to read The bands that have answered my questions so far is: Sub Alert (Swe), Subculture (UK), and Gaz from Inner Equilibrium/Ungovernable Resistance. My intention is to get answers from Opposition Rising (US), Toxik Ephex (Sco) and Staffan from classic Really Fast Records. There will be a bunch of reviews, scene reports, articles and more fanzinerelated stuff. 56 pages, full of text text text text... print it for free and you have something to read for many visits at the toilet.

Cheers! Have a good spring. I will get married in May and in the autumn will we take
a trip over to Glasgow. So please, if you know any good gigs there in autumn, let
me know. And of course will we see The Bhoys play at Celtic Park. 

All for now... Bye!

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  1. Congratulations man, great blog and i can't wait for the zine.
    All the best