Interview: PARTiYA from Belarus

Here is a part from the interview I made with PARTiYA from Belarus. You can read the entire interview in Schizo Fanzine #8 which will be out in May 2012. I've also got a great Belarus scene report from Mysh that will be publish in Schizo 8. Belarus might be a strange country with a fucking dictator, but their standard when it comes to punk/hc/grind is really high. Thanx to Mysh for the answers. I can really recommend you to read the entire interview when Schizo 8 is out. And don't forget to take a listen at Partiya... here we go...


Hello Mysh, what's up? What is going on with PARTiYA at the moment?

Hello Micke! Everything's fine. We've started recently to play with our new bass-guitarist. Now we're restoring our material. I hope, we're gonna play concerts and see you all very soon! Today we can already do that with 15 songs. 3 of them are new.

What have the reactions and reviews been on your last release "Assholeraisers"?

Basically only good reviews. And we'd like to thank everybody for that! There were some remarks about density of the sound. So far we have what to strive for. I hope, you'll get some denser and stronger records by PARTiYA! By the way, our vinyl "Assholeraisers" is gonna be quite soon available, it's already in print. I hope next week it will be ready.

What is your lyrics about? Do you prefer to write in english or russian?

I write in Russian. My English isn't good enough to write and think in it. Maybe one day, when my English gets better, I'll try to use it in my lyrics. But I've been writing them only in Russian so far. The lyrics of PARTiYA are quite different. The subject can be my personal feelings or the global problems. Everything around me I care about or what I'd like to pay more attention to. In our CD covers you can find all the lyrics, comments to them are also included in some of the releases. And we've been also making some translations to English lately.
http://primitive-distro.blogspot.com/p/partiya.html - here you can find some of the records from the discography of the band for downloading and listening to. File-archives mostly include also the CD covers with lyrics and their translations. Those who are interested, can easily download them. If you're intresting in CDs / DVDs / vynils, then go here - http://primitive-distro.blogspot.com/p/primitive-distro.html That's the link to the «PRIMITIVE-DISTRO», that I keep, there you can also find the releases of PARTiYA, that are available in distro now. We can also to trade, but please, write first for what exactly.

Please, add what you want and tell us what will happen in the future?

It's always really hard to speak about plans, as it's going quite often not the way you plan, but anyway I hope, we're gonna realize the planned. As I've already said, PARTiYA's LP «Assholeraisers» is coming out extremely soon. We may make some new records this year and we also plan playing in the «PLAY FAST OR DON'T» fest (Czech Republic) in july, and also making a mini-tour this month, when we're going to Czech. This fall we're planning a tour with the band HUMAN COMPOST in France and Spain, maybe somewhere else. We'll see if everything works out and I hope, we're gonna cope with all the problems around us. There's also a problem to leave this country for a tour cause of the visas, borders, but we do our best not to stay in one place and we'll do everything we can! Thanks for the interest to our PARTiYA band, for the good questions, and also thanks to Veronica, who helped us with translation!
Cheers / beers and potato from Belarus, hehe. Greetings to all our friends! See you soon! Good luck!

Here're some contacts with us:

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