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Ohoy! I guess you've heard about the Really Fast compilation LP's? It's one of the most important releases in the entire punk history, and the swedish scene in particular. Bands like Mob 47, Nasum, Asta Kask, Disfear, Strebers, EATER, Refused, G-Anx have participated. I sent a bunch of questions to Staffan, one of the guys behind Really Fast. Here's a part from the interview, the full interview will be published in Schizo Fanzine #8. 

1. Hey Staffan, you’ve been involved to the DIY-scene since the beginning of 1980. If you look back, what’s the biggest differences between the past and the present? And is there anything you regret or just wish you could’ve done better when it comes to Really Fast? And of course, you wasn’t alone with the R.F work, tell me about the other guys?

Well, looking back can be both easy and hard depending on your view on things. One might forget the small details that also made a difference when trying to summarize a period of your life, but here goes: Whether it just came to be a result of personality, young age, shortage of money, hostile environment, lack of experience or just a mishmash of random opportunity I'd say we had to find more solutions for ourselves back in those days. It made you look for creative solutions instead of just buying what was around and already accepted.

We would have our imagination run amok just trying to make things happen and finding ways in any direction we thought we could find an adventure. At the same time, a lot of uniform behaviour would rear its ugly head and some gigs or places were just not so well treated by people I would have expected better from. Everything seems better organized these days, but some of the DIY charm seems lost in the process. I don't like to dwell upon regrets although I've had my fair share of them. I just wish I could have done more back in the day, but that's a good incentive to keep doing things. Future now. Yeah, and in the beginning I was just so lucky to be starting up a label with my older friends Peter and Patrik in Mjölby. They both played in Nasty Boys and were a huge inspiration and fuel for fire for me back in those days.

Patrik and me have kept Really Fast going for better or for worse and we kinda get into a good rut when we get things done for Really Fast. There wouldn't have been any Really Fast Records if Patrik hadn't been around, I'll tell you that.

2. Your last release was an EP with Second Thought around 2003 (?) Are Really Fast still active and do you have any futureplans? Which band would be the dream to release?

Yeah, we've been doing other things for many years now but last year saw a new Really Fast release in the form of Spotlicks debut EP (co-release with Mög Records). We are planning more releases during 2012 but I'd rather make them happen before talking too much about them. I will say this though, that I do regret us not relasing Vol.11 as we had it all compiled and ready to go years ago. It would have been great to document those bands aswell as they deserved it and had a lot to offer then, now and in the future to come. As for dreams there are just too many bands I would like to release, it's frustrating just to think of it. We had several ep's planned that I still wish we can put out someday, sorry to everyone involved for the wait and poor result so far.

3. If you have to collect bands, for a compilation, that exists today, who would you choose then?
Oh, I think I would have to go for bands that kick my butt live! There are so many bands around but it would be great to pick up bands from smaller places like when we started. I would rather have bands that actually exist and get their noise out on the road than bands that just record. A lot of energy would be required aswell.


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Spotlicks interview from Schizo Fanzine #6

Kurt i kuvös (Staffan played drums in that band in the 80.s)

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