Review: The Cremators - The new breed (CD)

The Cremators - The New breed (CD)

I am not a big fan of psychobilly but I love rockabilly and punk. And that is what The Cremators are about. Ok, there is some psychobilly vibes but punkabilly is a better definition. And it was a pretty long time since I heard anything as good as this. I remember a band from around 2003 called the Hung-Ups or something like that. But The Cremators are more classy. The music is very well played. And what's better than a good rockabilly guitarsolo like in "Bundy's beetle". Even if bands like Mad Sin, Coffinshakers and Klingonz are big influences for The Cremators will I say that they have their own sound. It's more punkrock. I already know that I will listen to this record many times in the future. And it would be very fun to see them live as well. This album contains of 13 strong tracks.

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