Review: Troublemakers - 30 (CD)

Troublemakers 1981-2011 (CD)

What is your first thoughts when you think of the Gothenburg music scene of today? Hammerfall, In Flames... but fuck them. Troublemakers is the shit. This is a compilation with songs from their 30 years long history. "Staden Göteborg" is probably one of the best songs ever hailing from that town. It's just a shame how bands like LOK and Hardcore Superstar destroyed that song. Troublemakers have a genuine punkrock sound, and a huge list of hits. They also manage to do the old Nationalteatern song "Bara om min älskade väntar" brilliant. It's a disgrace that I don't listen to Troublemakers more often, they are one of the best swedish bands in this punk genre. Maybe it's the Gothenburgian dialect that disturb, but no, it's actually fitting their sound. It's lot of good melodys, good lyrics and energic punk rock n roll. This CD offer you 80 minutes of the best Troublemakers ever released + a new song just for this jubilee record. It can't be better than this.

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