Interview: Ungovernable Resistance

As you probably know by now are Ungovernable Resistance back. In Schizo Fanzine 8, which will be out in the end of April/beginning of May will you find a long interview with Gaz from UR. I decided to do a smaller interview because of that UR is back. But I didn't have enough of space in Schizo 8, so the UR interview will follow here. But don't miss the Inner Equilibrium interview in #8, Gaz has always a lot of good things to say...


1. Hey again, you decided to start up UR again, what's the reason to that?

Hej brother.
Since ending Ungovernable Resistance I had focused on other music mainly UG Hip Hop with a few random punk/hc/drum n bass shows. As you know from our many conversations and the recent interview I had grown so disillusioned with my place in the scene. I was completely burnt out and tired of the all elitist cult like behaviour and snakes. 

After a few months I started to speak to friends on and offline such as ya self about returning with a punk/hc show, but doing it the way UR was founded upon. LOL I was going to call the return of my punk/hc show 'Stressed Out', but when I asked for feedback the majority of the responses were bring back Ungovernable Resistance.

What has been really encouraging and refreshing is that many of us whether punks or hip hoppers feel the same about our scenes, and are tired of all this destructive bullshit that divides us and spreads further division. That has been the case from the people I know anyway.

The many words/emails received have meant a lot to me man and helped me find my spirit again so I could return with UR. As I always said way back at the start of UR someone has to do this and help DIY.

Thanks to friends and people I know from around the world I'm more determined than ever to do this once again do with UR the way it always was.I'll not let misguided elitists and sheeple with alternative clothing who have no basis or concept for actual reality hinder my efforts.

Ungovernable Resistance is back. DIY.

2. Will it be any major changes now?

Good question.  Actually no. I'm not abandoning UG Hip Hop so the only change is that Wednesday editions now follow this format. First 2 Wednesday's of every month will stream punk/hc and the last 2 Weds air UG Hip Hop.

Saturday shows are always punk/hc. Its tempting just to play punk/hc all the time as its my favourite music, but I don't wish to become burnt out just playing the same music. Therefore, streaming UG Hip Hop twice a month on a Wednesday gives me something different to play.

3. And you're working on a gigantic compilation, what's your expectation for this comp?

Yeah its been insane man and its growing so fast. I started the project myself with the aim of releasing a compilation that would be equal to the size of the first FCW (Fuck Corporate Wank) compilation.  I wanted to send a message that unity has not disappeared entirely and I will try my best with UR to promote this concept. So what better way than to work on a compilation that would be as large as possible.

When I stared to recruit for the new UR compilation a few friends started to help by submitting bands and working on art work. Arthu from the Agamenon Project who has always supported UR sent me some art work with the title 'We Are Back' as he was really pleased that I had returned with UR.  James from A World We Never Made (UK DIY Punk label) submitted a few bands and he has always been a good friend of UR.

So it seemed like the natural thing to do was to say to hey do you guys want to work on the compilation as a joint project? Everyone was stoked about that and then we were joined by Glauco from Death From Above who is interested in submitting Brazilian bands for the compilation so its grown even further.

There is such a buzz about this compilation from us all and its growing so fast that it is hard to keep it updated. We are determined to send a positive message and to announce that the grass roots people and bands work for nothing that we must work together to keep this going.

My expectation is that the We Are Back compilation is going to be the biggest project we have released so far. Its already led to me helping James (A World We Never Made) and Nate from Greed Force with a DIY electronic music compilation, which they were already working on. So awesome stuff!

If anyone is interested in the 'We Are Back' compilation then feel free to contact either me or James at @ innerequilibriumdiy@gmail.com or AWWNM @ aworldwenevermade@hotmail.co.uk
The deadline is the end of May and we want to make this beyond gigantic as you said in ya question. Help us grow!

4. Ok, anything else you wanna add?

I just want to say a massive thank you and big up to all the DIYers whether you are a punk/hip hopper or anything else. I was really touched by the emails and words of encouragement including the support I received from genuine people out there that reminded me why it was I choose to embark upon my projects.

Also tack to you to Micke as you have also been there since day one and recognise that we have got to change our thinking to build our music communities or we will always remain divided.

People not scenes! Namaste. DJ Resistance.

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