Schizo Fanzine Paper version

Alright... Schizo Fanzine #8 and #9 are now available to order as paper zines.
If you wanna order, just send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com.

Buy at least 3 items and get a zine for free. Check out the list here:

Schizo Fanzine #8. 56 Pages. [ 10kr / €1 / £1 / 1.5$ ] 
Toxik Ephex, Inner Equilibrium / Ungovernable Resistance,
Pariya, Really Fast Rec. Subculture, Sub Alert

Schizo Fanzine #9. 48 Pages. [ 10kr / €1 / £1 / 1.5$ ] 
The Bristles, Moral Dilemma, Slaktrens, M.O.R.A, Återfall,
Meinhof, PPP Records, Gary OG, AFA Ireland 


punk Oi! hardcore grind for sale

If you are interested in any of the following items, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com . All records are in good condition but some can have a few defects like some small price stickers. I will let you know the full condition of the items you want to buy.

(All prices are based on Discogs prices)


3-Way Cum - Battle of opinions (kängpunk) 30 kr / €3.3
Against Me - The acoustic EP 110 kr / €12
Alfatec - Brainphobia (punk/hc) 30 kr / €3.3
Alptraum GmbH – Create Confusion 60 kr/ €6.5  (punkrock)
Anxtv – Neve Rosso Sangue 50 kr / €5.5 (Punk/Hc)
Artgerecht – Punkrockstar 130 kr / €14(Punk) (Limited to 500)
Billy Boy E La Sua Banda – Morte E Chupa Chupa 60 kr / €6.5  (Punk/Oi!)
Bulemics, The – Burn Baby Burn 30 kr / €3.3 (punk)
Burnt Cross - Break the law not the poor 30 kr / €3.3  (anarchopunk)
Charta 77 - It vibrates 80 kr / €8.7 (punk)
Dictators, The – Who Will Save Rock 'N' Roll? 120 kr / €13  (Punk)
Diskord – Hdfh 50 kr / €5.5 (Death metal?) (Limited to 500)
Dispense - Nothing but the truth 40 kr / €4.3  (Crust/Käng)
Dissolution '77 – Panic 60 kr / €6.5  (Street/Punk)
Dog Pound – Counter Clockwise 70 kr / €7.5  (Postpunk/Punk)
Eastfield – Opening The Lid Of Todd's Peace Box 90 kr / €9.8 (Punk)
Endless Struggle – Leathers, Studs, And Punks 50 kr /€5.5 (Street/Punk)
Fedup - Read between the lines 30 kr / €3.3
Fuck The Bureaucracy – Fuck The Bureaucracy! 100 kr / €10.8 (Punk)
Gaia, The – No.1 60 kr/ €6.5  (Punk/hc) 
Guet Apens – Guet Apens 50 kr /€5.5  (Oi/Punk) (Limited to 555)
In Crowd - Cargo / Helmet 40 kr / €4.3 (Pop-punk)
Informers, The - (Dream number 1994) 70 kr / €7.5  (punk)
Instinct Of Survival – Instinct Of Survival 40 kr / €4.3 (Grind)
Invasores De Cérebros – Invasores De Cérebros 100 kr / €10.8 (Hc/crust)
Lanciafiamme – Lanciafiamme 400 kr / €42 (rare italian Hc/Punk)
Loudspeaker - Knockout 30 kr / €3.3 (Alt.rock)
Maloney's Touch – Don't Kill Us 40 kr / €4.3 (Punk) (500 copys)
Misdemeanor – You're Nothing (And You Know It) 60 kr /€6.5  (Punk, rock, stoner)
Pokers, The – Ignite 30 kr / €3.3  (punk)
Programm C -  Lucifer Turns UpThe Volume 30 kr / €3.3  (hardcore)
Public Nuisance – Cheap Sex And Booze 150 kr /€ 16.4 (Punk)
Razzapparte – Gente Senza Poesia E.P. 90 kr / €9.8 (punk/Oi!) 
Spittin‘ Vicars, The – Oddball / (Ain't Going) Back To Babylon 50 kr / €5.5  (punk)
Stalin's Daughter – Oktoberfest EP 200 kr / €21(punk)
Stitches, The – Monday Morning Ornaments 30 kr / €3.3 (punkrock) 
Taxi – Who's To Blame 20 kr / €2 (punk)
Test A – Sound Der Straße 50 kr /€5.5   (Oi!)
Time Square Preachers - Don't be numb 30 kr / €3.3 (Käng)
TKO's, The – Don't Pull The Plug 50 kr / €5.5  (Punk)
Trout – Three Wise Men E.P. 30 kr / €3.3 (indie)
Undone – The Other Side 30 kr / €3.3 (emo, hc)

Agathocles / Insomnia Isterica 40 kr / €4.3 (limited to 500)
Agathocles / Sakatat 40 kr / €4.3 (limited to 333)
Agathocles - No use... (hatred) 40 kr / €4.3 (red/black sleeve)
Agathocles / Embalming Theatre 60 kr / €6.5 (513/1000)
Agathocles / Malignant Tumour 60 kr / €6.5
Acoustic Grinder / Entrails massacre 70 kr / €7.5 (small sticker on sleeve)
Bones Erosion / Hinfamy 90 kr / / €9.5 (233/500) (small sticker on sleeve)
Fatal Nunchaku / Charogne Stone 20 kr / €2.2
Flux of disorder / Vomitus 40 kr / €4.3 (limited to 200)
100% Gore-Beat / Full Noise Nine 30 kr / €3.3 (small sticker on sleeve)
Gory Melanoma / Emetic 30 kr / €3.3 (small sticker on sleeve)
Hermit / Napalmed 80 kr / €8.7 (Yellow, 1st press. 100 copies of Yellow vinyl)
Mesrine / Spermbloodshit 40 kr / €4.3 (136/210)
Rifiuto / Depravati 30 kr / €3.3 (small sticker on sleeve)
Ruido De Odio / KKF 50 kr / €5.5 (limited to 800. Red vinyl)
Strong Intention / Everybody Gets Hurt 30 kr / €3.3 (small sticker on sleeve)


Review: split. Headliners / Protokids

Split. Headliners / Protokids (Digital)

The french bastards still have the best Oi! bands in the world. What I like is that they have a soft sound. It's more like Vanilla Muffins than any of the harder bands. UVPR are probably the strongest label in Europe when it comes to Oi!, I haven't heard one single bad record released by them. This split contains of 4 songs, 2 each, and Headliners is one of the best existing Oi! bands with their "Sugar Oi!". Protokids are almost in the same genre but have more rock n roll feelings. I don't have much more to say, this is a really good split. 

Review: Born Wrong - Holding Cell

Born Wrong - Holding Cell (Digital) http://bornw.blogspot.ca/
A new release by Born Wrong never make me sad, it rather make me pissed off in a fantastic way since they are so angry. These Canadians really know how to do it. 5 songs are over after almost 7 minutes, so they are pretty short but still very good. I reviewed Born Wrong in Schizo #9 which was the first time I heard them, and I liked it then and I like them now. They have a touch of both the early angry Propagandhi sound and the NYHC sound. It's perfect for you who think Propagandhi are wimps haha. It's might be more like Judge and the likes of those bands. Straight on your face Hardcore. If you like that kind of music will I really recommend Born Wrong.

Review: Hard Charger - Chrome Lord

Hard Charger - Chrome Lord

Yet another Canadian hardcore band. Well maybe I shouldn't compare Hard Charger with Born Wrong just because they're from Canada both of them. Their kind of hardcore are different. If I should bring two bands together just to come as close as possible to the Hard Charger sound would it be the hardcore vibes from Sick of it all, and the fantastic go you'll get from Zeke. But I have to say that Hard Charger don't reach their level. But I can't find any reason to complain, they do what they do, nothing more nothing less. I really like the guitar riffs on "Burn the rich" they are quite different from the 5 other tracks. The total playtime is almost 9 minutes and I must say that they really succeed to get their songs to sound like 6 different songs instead of just one boring long song. That is very positive.

punkpunkpunk youtube

Here you are... 3 bands I really want you to listen at.

Tear them down - Bomb city

Hard Charger - Live at OEF

Brutus' Daughters - Nuechi del Ñuberu


Reportage: Swedish Punk

I am going to write a big reportage about Swedish punk. I will write about different periods, genres and bands. I will try to interview/talk to around 25 bands. It will be 8 parts and total 26 episodes. It's not possible to write about everything, but this will be a pretty big document over the Swedish punk scene from 1977 to present.

It's not a secret of which bands I will interview, but I will wait to expose anything now. I can just tell that it will be something for everyone. And I really look forward to do this big project. If you have any suggestion that you want me to write about, just let me know. It's not sure that I will use it since all parts and episods are already written, but there is always possible that I have forget some important part.

Follow the work here: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/reportage-swedish-punk-77-to-present.html



top-3 this weekend

Well, this is my top-3 list for the weekend.

1. Autonomads - Back to the bark
I discovered this band today even though I downloaded the record No man's land for over a year ago. I sent them an email and hope that they will participate on the Schizo Philippines Compilation. I have loved Operation Ivy for a long time, but I consider Autonomads as a better band.

2. Northern Drinkin Cult - Drink up the cider EP
This aussie band participated on the Swedish Delerium Tremens compilation tape. Later on I had luck to get their CD with these 4 tracks and a bunch of live tracks in the spirit of Macc Lads. This is probably one of the best Oi/Punk band I've heard

3. Blaggers ITA - House of fascist scum

Blaggers ITA have released so many good tracks. This is one of the most classic. I really like antifa bands playing Oi! and Blaggers ITA is probably one of the best.


Schizo Philippines Compilation

22 nov (22.10) 4 new confirmed bands
20 nov (21.55) New picture
20 nov (21.00) New bands and tracks confirmed

Gaz from Ungovernable Resistance organize a big digital compilation for the people in Philippines. The confirmed contributors are: Ungovernable Resistance, Insetus Web Zine, Primitive Ways/Winter Torment Web Zines, Freedom Punker, Metal Detector Promotions, Filthy Rat Records and Schizo Fanzine/Distro.

When all volumes will be put together will this compilation be really cool. The idea to let different active people make their own volumes is brilliant.

You will find all participating bands and necessary info here:

Confirmed bands/tracks for the Schizo Volume (16 of 20):
Diskent - Vägra anpassning (Swe) (Käng)
Kamprespons - Punkelit
(Swe) (Crust)
Kollapse - Father (Den) (Crust/hc)
No fealty - Ravished (Den) (Crust/hc)
Opposition Rising - Get off your ass (Usa) (ska/hc)
Pass Out - Fist of fury (Swe)(Punk)

Rännstensorkestern - Gulag (Swe) (Punkrock)
Spotlicks - Vill dra (Swe) (Punkrock)
Återfall - Fråga inte (Swe) (Crust/metal)
Eftah - Den enes lik (Swe) (Punk)
Mörbultad - Den tid vi lever i (Swe) (Hardcore)
Better not born - Inner void (Fin) (Crust)
VALJAKKALA - Huominen (KUMIKRISTUS) (Swe) (Crust)
Håll käften, vad vill du!- Reflektioner av ett annat land (Swe) (punk/hc)
Los Culitos - Treinta bajo cero (Fin) (garage/punk)
Körsbärsfettera - Det finns inget slut (Swe) (Punk)

If you wanna participate, get in touch: schizodistro@gmail.com


22 nov (22.10) 4 new confirmed bands
20 nov (21.55) New picture
20 nov (21.00) New bands and tracks confirmed


Support for the people in Philippines

Gaz from Ungovernable Resistance has decided to make a digital compilation which will benefit the people in The Philippine Islands. There will be a bunch of different volumes and Schizo Distro/Fanzine will put together one of the volumes. It will be punk bands from all over the world and all kind of punk genres.

If you and your band wanna contribute, please send one or more of your songs + contact info to schizodistro@gmail.com

Every band will contribute with one track, and my intention is to have around 15 bands on my compilation. If you want more info, please visit:

If you have any further questions, get in touch with me at schizodistro@gmail.com I think this will be a really cool compilation in the end with lot's of bands from so many genres.

Please share this on your blog, the people in Philippines suffer really bad now, and if we can do at least something small is it a success.

Here is the confirmed band for the whole compilation (will be updated at least one time/day):
The Gardnerz (Death/Doom), Bane (Blackened Death), Temple of Void (Death/Doom), Dead Awaken (Death Metal), Fester (Blackened Death), Rocking Corpses (Death Metal), Bukowski Family (Brutal Death), Relentless (Heavy Metal/Doom), NonExist (Death/Thrash), 40oz Folklore (Punk Rock/HC Punk), Mental Killing Spree (Brutal Death), Dirty Protest (Anarcho/HC Punk), Freedumb (Crossover), Communion of Thieves (Blackened Crust), Burnt Cross (Anarcho Punk), Global Parasite (HC Punk), Norsk Raak (Ska Punk), Bombed Out (Crust Grind), Arvejord (Black/Ambient/Depressive), Dr Creep (Underground Hip Hop), Scarred Society (HC Punk), Warcorpse, Dirigiri (Death Thrash), Toxicology (Crust/Metal/Punk), DisXease (Hardcore), Crosscheck (Hardcore), Killbite (Crust/Metal/Punk), Ratbite (HC Punk), Trioxin 245 (HC Punk n Roll), Cunthunt 777 (Beatdown HC), Auralskit (Kang/D-Beat), Fredag den 13:e (Crust Punk), Suffer the Wrath (Death Metal), Reality Lost (Crust/Punk/D-Beat/Grind), Anger Burning (Crust), Oath (Sludge), Agamenon Project (Grindcore), Askgatt (HC Punk), Nazi's Shouldn't Drive (HC Punk), Zudas Krust (Crust), Fucktard (HC Punk), Brafcharge (D-Beat), Bruten (Grind/Power Violence), Freedom is Lie (Crust Grind), Partiya (Crust/Grind/Punk), Mindless Violence (Crossover Thrash/Hardcore),Headcleaner (Grindcore / Crust / Death Metal), Hellweed (Metal/Hardcore), Vengeance Of Karma (Värmland HC/Crust), Aggrenation (Punk/Metal), Hellcrawler (Death n Roll), Sickpig (Punk), Document 6 (Death/HC/Punk/Metal), The Living Dead (Punk), Bring to Ruin (Hardcore), Hanker Hoax Haphazard (Hardcore), Indoctrinate (Blackened crust), Sewer Trench (Raw Crust Metal), Disforia (Grind/D-Beat/Crust Punk), Napalm Raid (D-Beat), Earth Crust Displacement (d-beat), Psykoanalyysi (HC Punk/Crust/D-Beat), Senseless o.l.u. (Punk), Monad (Breakcore/IDM), Sapremia (Old School DM), Tarantulah (Metal Punk)


Review: Burnt Cross - Protest punk

Burnt Cross - Protest punk (7")
(Tadpole, Lukket avdelning, +9)

Yeah, one of my favorite band Burnt Cross are back with their 9th 7". 2 of  5 tracks are new and the 3 other has been recorded earlier in the past but was unreleased until now. Burnt Cross have a classic UK anarcho punk sound just like Conflict and Flux Of Pink Indians etc but in my opinion is Burnt Cross better than these bands. "We the people" is one of the 2 newly recorded and that is one of the best song on this 7". The best song is "Rise". Paul sounds so fucking angry and I love it when Maureen sings. She has a very interesting voice. This 7" is their first with a white cover and black print and it looks really good. What else can I say more than that they have succeeded again. And of course this is yet a multi label release, 11 labels stand behind this 7" Get in touch with Burnt Cross if you are into anarcho punk. You wont be disappointed.

Burnt Cross - Rise (From their 7" Protest Punk)

Review: Djävulen Möblerar Om - Universum i en kub

Djävulen möblerar om - Universum i en kub (7")

I had never heard of Djävulen Möblerar Om before I got this EP. And I guess it's a pretty new band since I can not find much info about them. And I'm not sure if it is a band, I think it's a solo project by Malte from Malte X which is another band that I know nothing about. Anyhow, there are two tracks on this 7" and none of them make me happy. The anti-religious song on the B-side "Årtusendets skämt" is a bit better than the title track on the A-side "Universum i en kub". I get some Coca Carola vibes, and i wouldn't be surprised if Beat Butchers Records will release a Djävulen Möblerar Om album in the future because this is Swedish punkrock just in that school. I will not give too much of bad criticism, because this is the first release and just two tracks, therefore is it not easy to get the right opinion. 

Djävulen Möblerar Om - Universum i en kub

Review: Per Capita / Freedom is a lie (split12")

Per Capita / Freedom is a lie (split 12")

This is a split-12" and the bands Per Capita (Germany) and Freedom is a lie (Hungary)  complement each other. Per Capita has been one of my favorite bands for a couple years now. They mix perfect brutal crust, raw hardcore and grind. I came across Per Capita for some years when I listened to Ungovernable Resistance Radio and I became glad to find a new fantastic band (and yeah, that's a good reason to listen at U.R's webradio). Per Capita sounds a bit like a mix of Totalt Jävla Mörker and Skitsystem. I like they way they mix crust and grind, it makes them very dynamic and I just can't get enough of these 9 tracks. Freedom is a lie have lyrics in their native language - hungarian, and I can't understand a single word, but it really fits this genre. Just like Per Capita is it a mix of crust and grind, but F.I.A.L have a more trashy sound where Per Capita have the hardcore sound. So there is a difference between the bands even if their roots are the same. This is a split with 2 good bands, but Per Capita is a bit better if you ask me. 

Per Capita - Doomed

Review: Georgia Barbershop - It's Alright, It's Okay, It Only Took Seven Years

Georgia Barbershop - It's Alright, It's Okay, It Only Took Seven Years

At last I have got what I always are looking for. A dirty sound. But why do I want it this way? Well, I get the feeling that the band is playing live with a lot's of love and lot's of strong feelings. Georgia Barbershop from Sweden has a motley garage/punkrock sound that makes me happy. I wouldn't be surprised if the members in G.B listen much to bands like Buzzcocks and New York Dolls and even if G.B not might be the best band I've heard is the feeling so strong and rock n roll feelings are never wrong. The standard of the songs are approved but hey, some of the songs are really good so there is a few ups and downs but the wholeness is more than ok. I don't use to listen to this kind of post punk 'n roll very often, but I will for sure listen more to Georgia Barbershop in the future and especially to their best tracks "Wife problems", "Quality bird" and "Underneath my couch".

Review: Pastoratet - Sexpack (CD)

Pastoratet - Sexpack (CD)
(Idiot records)

Pastoratet from Sweden is a new acquaintance for me, and a really positive one. They sounds pretty much like Cosa Nostra which is a Swedish band some of the members from Asta Kask had in a period when Asta Kask wasn't active. There is 6 tracks on this CD and that's good, I have started to prefer when it's not too many tracks on a record. Pastoratets music style was very popular in Sweden in the 90's, and well, Pastoratet was formed back in 1992 and was called Väs at that time. And the music is well-played punkrock in a pretty fast tempo with lot's of meldies. I can't really explain why but I can also hear some very weak fragment of NOFX especially in one of my favorite tracks "Enligt säkra källor". There are many bands who've attempted to play this kind of punk through the years and without any doubts will I consider to place Pastoratet among the best band in this genre.

Pastoratet - Enligt säkra källor

Review: Vånna Inget - Ingen botten

Vånna Inget - Ingen botten 

I had only heard a few songs with this wonderful band before, and I love their contribution on the compilation-LP Turist i tillvaron 3. Vånna Inget released their first full-length in 2011 and now they are back with this album. Their melancholic punkrock have a touch of the legendary Swedish pop band Broder Daniel, something that just are positive in my opinion. Karolina, the vocalist, have a perfect voice which fits perfectly to the music. And the music is filled with melancholic guitar lines while the organ create a really good ground. The lyrics are in Swedish, and they are very sensitive, sometimes almost emotional. I can not but pay tribute to Vånna Inget. I have a feeling that everyone who are just a bit open-minded are going to love this album. But it's not traditional punk, so don't expect anything you won't get. Even if I like all 11 tracks on this album is it something that doesn't satisfy me completely. I get bored after a while. 5-6 songs is okey but after that does it feels like it's just one long song. All in all is this album very good, and my favorite tracks is: "Vart tar du vägen", "Gamla" and "Kungar"


Söker ni promotionhjälp? (In Swedish)

(this text is just for swedes who are active in the punk scene)

Varje månad skriver jag en sorts krönika till Ungovernable Resistance, som har en väldigt aktiv blogg samt att han sänder internetradio minst en gång i veckan. Det jag gör är att skriva om Svenska band/bolag/fanzines/arrangörer osv osv... Allt ifrån aktuell info till recensioner och tips.

Så... om ni vill att jag nämner er på något sätt. Hör då av er till schizodistro@gmail.com Ni kan läsa de två krönikor jag har skrivit. Jag skriver på engelska, så det når ut till folk över hela världen.
September : Där skriver jag bl.a om Spotlicks och Sörlings Svinstia.
Oktober :  Jag tar upp Asta Kasks japanturné samt den nya skivan som Irritation ska släppa.

Ungefär sådär kommer upplägget att vara. Men det kommer nog att förändras allt eftersom tiden går. Det är tänkt att Ungovernable Resistance kommer att lägga upp krönikan i varje månadsskifte. Så med andra ord skriver jag mest om sånt som kommer att hända och inte sånt som redan har hänt.

Kolla gärna upp Ungovernable Resistance: ungovernableresistancediyradio.blogspot.co.uk/

Well, hör av er till schizodistro@gmail.com så kanske vi kan komma fram till något.


Review: V/A - Turist i tillvaron #6

V/A Turist i tillvaron #6 (LP)
Facebook: Turist i tillvaron

This compilation serie are amazing as usual. The standard of Swedish bands really makes me proud. The 16 bands creates a good mix of genres. One of the best band is Utanförskapet who sounds much like Uncurbed, I can really recommend to buy their LP from Rawby records or Fight back records. Dobermann Cult is a band that I've just heard of but never listen to, I wonder why because their hardcore is fucking excellent. If you are into Swedish punkrock this compilation will offer you a bunch of good bands like: Ligisterna, Knivderby and Psykbryt. One of the best band on the compilation is The Sweetshow who play some kind of punk/psychobilly with female vocals. Alison Blaire is another good band with female vocals as well, their Ramones influenced punkrock really appeal to me. I have to mention Planet Trash, a good old band that still knows how to make it. Well, the best bands in my opinion is: Utanförskapet, Kaos kris & Helvete and Lysande Utsikter which contribute with 2 tracks, I love the (female) vocals and the dirty punkrock. The worst band is Pusrad, just a pity that they contribute with 5 tracks, the good thing is that these tracks are very short. Söderberg makes a perfectly ok cover of the old Ebba Grön song "Vad ska du bli". All in all is it a good compilation, maybe not the best in the serie but in the other hand does some of the bands belong to the best bands in the serie.  


Festival: Dead Rhythm #1

Dead Rhythm is a new punk festival which will be arranged in Västerås in the end of  September, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th. The line-up is fantastic with bands from all over Sweden and from all different genres... crust/street/Oi!... This is an interview with Ronny, who arrange the fest. I think they need as much PR as possible and I hope this will be a recurrent festival.

Visit Dead Rhythm on Facebook for more info

Here is the schedule.


Prins Carl (Västerås)
Saturday Heroes (Finspång)
Damage Head (Sthlm/Uppsala)
Fredag den 13;e (Göteborg)
Gatans Lag (Borås)


Dobermann Cult (Stockholm)
Dissekerad (Stockholm)
Agent Attitude (Uppsala)
Utanförskapet (Dalarna)
Hyrda Knektar (Stockholm)
Knife For An Eye (Göteborg)

1. Hey Ronny, please tell me about Dead Rythm. How did you came up with the idea for this fest? It is a really good line-up, and a fantastic genre mix. What was your intention when you start to book bands?

Hey and thanks for this interview!

I had the idea for a while,because I'm so tired of leaving town every week to go to gigs, With this fest I will have the chance to watch great music in my hometown!Cause that's a thing that never happens. The other idea with my fest is the mixed genres from oi to käng!Cause usually it's all centered to one or two kinds of punk.I will think I did a pretty good job there!

2. This fest will be in Västerås. How many tickets have you sold and how many tickets are you aloud to sale? How does it use to be in Västerås when it comes to live gigs, much audience or is it a cold city?

I actually sold this fest out, So it went much better than I thought! I had 120 tickets to each day and it's all gone, But most of the tickets have been bought of people from other cities in Sweden (from Piteå to Malmö) so thats great fun!

Västerås is a very hard and strange town to arrange gigs in, cause you never know how it will be. Are the people coming, or are they home jerking off? Most of the times it seems that people prefer there dicks and clits, before listen to music! Some of the gigs are almost sold out and the next time nobody shows upp (on gigs with better bands) and you dont understand nothing. But at my last gig with Dissober and Smalltown we had over 110 people there so I hope we are on a upgoing spiral!

3. Will there be any distros or other merch for sale?

Yeah hard and smart is coming with their distro, Skrammel is also showing up on Saturday! Then every band has their own merch/records ofcourse! I will sell Dead Rhythm Fest shirts and bags!

4. Do you think this fest will be back next year as well?

Yeah the date is already set to 4-5:th April and I will present the first bands on DR#1 .5 bands is already at the lineup and this time we have a band from england . So it's gonna be interesting! I hope to do this 2 times one on the spring and one to celebrate the fall!

5. Please, tell me more about Dead Rythm, do you arrange club gigs as well? Are you alone with the work or do you have any help from other people?

Yeah I do club gigs also(next is 12;th october with Reidar from Antipati and Jonas from Gatans Lag doing an acoustic set) then I will try do at least one gig every month! Have some fine upcoming shows I hope to announce in the upcoming weeks! I used to do this club a few years back on a legendary pub called Taj Mahal here in town, but it went bankrubt so I took a pause for a few years, but started again in September last year! Yeah I arrange everything by myself, but I had help from friends printing posters,giving me a ride, but most of the things I do by myself!(easier with no one to argue with)

6. What do you think about the Västerås punk scene? Any bands you wanna recommend?

In Västerås we have a lot of bands but few places to play, So I guess we have a very good scene if you only concentrate on the bands. We have the two comebacking bands Bombshell Rocks and Dissober, both bands is going to play a few shows this year and Bombshell is going to release 2 new songs! Otherwise we have Angers Curse who been around for a couple of years now and I think they got their real break this year with a shitload of gigs everywhere!

And ofcourse we have Slaktrens,Suffer The Pain, Bombs Of Hades(metal but very punk)

7. Is it possible to buy alcohol at the venue?
Well Ofcourse, I don't know the last time I was on a sober gig ,I think music and alcohol is the best mix ever! On this fest its arranged like a private party so the beer will be cheap and cold! And the Liqor will be strong and violent! I actually had a brewery making a Dead Rhythm Ipa so I'm psyched about that!

8. If you have anything you want to add feel free to do it. 

Sorry for my bad english!
but i will citate Void!

*I'm not the hand of their tools
I'm gonna live by my rules
Why should I listen to those fools
I'm gonna live by my rules*
Buy records,go to gigs,drink beer!
And dont forget www.facebook.com/klubbdeadrhythm for the latest info of the shows!

Thanx a lot!


Svensk punk (For swedes only)

Hej alla därute... Jag har börjat skriva en krönika på Ungovernable Resistance som är en kombinerad blogg/radio som har kört sedan 2008. Jag kommer att skriva en krönika om svensk punk på engelska där varje månad/månadsskiften. Så alla band, skivbolag, distros, fanzines/bloggar, arrangörer osv... Om ni har någonting ni tycker ska få lite extra PR, typ skivsläpp, turnéer eller egentligen vad som helst.

Här är den första krönikan som riktar in sig på kommande månad, September alltså.
Ung Res - Swe report

Den kommer säkert att utvecklas med tiden, men åt det här hållet kommer det ungefär att bli.

Har ni några nyheter eller idéer tips osv... skicka ett mail till schizodistro@gmail.com


GIG: Eskilstuna, September 6 HARDCORE

Den 6 september är det spelning i Eskilstuna, Balsta Musikslott. Det är Eskilstuna Hardcore som arrar och det är nyktert som gäller, det kan ju så vara. Förhoppningsvis kommer Schizo Distro vara där och sälja skivor. ALLA som kan borde komma, för så ofta är det ju inte spelningar i E-tuna. Banden som spelar är Spiknykter (GBG), Hårda Bud (Örebro) och Låt Dom Hata Oss (Stockholm).

För mer info: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eskilstuna-Hardcore/201468516546064


Interview: Striktlickers (Sweden)

It was 3 years since I sent the questions for this interview to Viktor who do the vocals in Striktlickers and run the War and Hate festival as well. Striktlickers doesn't exist anymore, but I am pretty satisfied with this interview so read what Viktor have to say... 

1.Where comes the apathy from? And is Striktlickers your way to convey your feelings?

Borlänge are the poison of God, and will soon be destroyed for the sins that have been going on there and also my another home.

2. You Viktor, arrange the festival War and Hate, and said in Schizo #6 that whats happen in Borlänge stay in Borlänge, but what the fuck, let us know what really happend?

If you wanna know, buy one issue of the book: Det dödliga svärdet nr 6.

3. Who are the members in the band?

Striktlickers was me, A, L, and N.
4. You have record a bunch of new songs, and what I've heard of them must I say that it's your best songs so far. I think the sound of everything is better. Have you got any good or bad critics and what will happen with the songs now?

Probably it will rot in the “worlds” of the underground scene, or maybe released of someone that are dumb enough. Some of the new songs are on Youtube nowadays. And some cassettes will maybe be released for the chosen ones, which have fully supported us from the beginning. We where never accepted of collective in the scene, but we created our own world, instead. When one door are closed, another are widely open.

5. Well, I know you said something about a Malaysian label. How did you got in touch?

Contacted thru Myspace, but we they never got in touch again. I can understand why. I don’t see this “labels” as serious.
6. What do you think of the PC-Maffia and the PC-police? Is the world already to ruined that it's better to don't care? I think the cover of your new record will provoke tons of people. I also think that's the reason since the punk cannot provoke the society but you have turned it to provoke the punx... is that a sensible thought?

Political correctness have always been a slavery for the mind of “punks”. I thought in the beginning of my travel in the punk scene it was about extreme nihilism, individuality and madness. But in the end, it’s all about alcoholism, decadence and feeling sad for themselves. And listen to bad records, and of course they are some bands that I can fully respect. But they are not many, Återfall nowadays are one of those. And I will always have feelings for band such as Anti-Cimex, Driller killer, Wolfpack and so on. And some other primitive kängpunkbands that are not destroyed of the political correctness and have the right energy within like Dismachine. And it was just not provoking, we showed them the truth, it wasn’t no joke at all.

7. When did you formed the band and what have you released before? Any gigs you wanna talk about? Namedrop some bands that have been important for you? And I guess that the name is consolidated from a few bands? Is it to honour them or what's the deal?

Striktlickers was formed as a allience back in 2006 of me, Pk-Johan and Alice, and was ended in the summer of the 2011, in july. Because we walked different parts, but they are no hard feelings against each other – we just moved on different paths. All our gigs was pretty chaotic, and maybe it’s best to let that sort of things disappear in the dust. The nail in your eye. And also: Rupture and Warcollapse was also two important band for us as inspiration.

8. Since you live in Borlänge, what do you think about the major festival Peace and Love?

When Peace and love disappeared in Borlänge, something interesting happened. A feeling of emptiness was floating around the town, like grey dust. And it will be interesting in the future, to see what will happend.

9. How do you spend your days? It would be a shock if you say; Wake up in the morning, breakfast, Days of our lives on TV etc..

“I” was 16 years old when Striktlickers started, so then we where into the gymnasium and raised hell. But we wen’t out better then the most. Alice now have his exam in engineering, from the university. I am doing my studies and training, and nightly activities. L are now working, and have his own world, and N have moved on, doing studies and a power electronics-project called Marritt. And the rest are secrets, that you will have to be told in person.

10. Alcohol, drugs...? Malmö call themself Crime City, But Borlänge doesn't have a good reputation either. Is it just misery?

All towns are all the same, so fucking lame. But alcohol and drugs are poisonous for some people, who become slaves of it, and others that can’t handle it. But I don’t think that is really important, and if you can’t handle it: Suit yourself.

12. What do you think about the swedish punk scene nowadays? And what is punk for you?

A mental prison, with their barriers that you have to destroy. I would see it as active nihilism for some, and slavery for others.

13. What makes you to carry on with Striktlickers? And what about the future, when it comes to the band, you will hopefully release this new record, what will happen more?

Striktlickers are now forever dead and the crown, you never can carry. And wil be like salt in an open soar.

14. Are you satisfied with this pretty short interview? Otherwhise, ask me a better question if you want. Well, end this now just how you want. Cheers!

No, I am not. But just wanted to have the last nail in this coffin. And let it sink. And my last words are: Death to Paulus Invictus! 22:th july, 13.


Artists and bands I dislike

Unwritten rules are something I really hate. And it's really weird that people who belong to the punk collective have so many unwritten rules. Here's 5 artists/bands that you really have to like. But I don't like them because I am a rebel hahaha... 

Johnny Cash.
I really like country and singer/songwriters, but I don’t like Johnny. A few songs are alright but too much of them just bore me to death.

GG Allin.
Well, maybe he was a symbol for lunatic rock n roll rebellion but I don’t consider him as tough. I think that people who worship him is embarassing. And even if I like some of his songs is it all fans that disturb me more than himself.

Elvis Presley.
I know how important he was for the youth in the 50s & 60s but when it comes to the music can I give you 1000 better artists in this rock n roll genre. Rock n roll was so needed for the youths in USA at that time. But now... well, open your eyes and ears and you'll find artists that is so much better than Elvis.

The Clash.
When people from big newspapers are gonna review a punk album will they always mention The Clash and Sex Pistols. That's because it's the only 2 bands he/she know about, so it's significant for a really bad reporter. I like Sex Pistols, but I don't like The Clash. Or it's actually the voice of Joe Strummer I don't like.

Bob Marley.
Yes he was a true legend and I really love reggae and ska but artists like Junior Murvin, John Holt, Max Romeo is so much better than Bob Marley. He is just boring.


Bands: Per Capita from Germany

First time I heard Per Capita from Munich, Germany was for around 4 years ago when Gaz from Ungovernable Resistance played them at his radio show. I have liked them much since then. They have released a new split 12" with the Hungarian band Freedom is a lie. I will review that album later on.

If you wanna listen to this split 12", check out the bandcamp site:

And here's a video for their song "Doomed".


Schizo Fanzine #10

Wohoo... I have just started the work with Schizo Fanzine #10. I think it will be 6 interviews, I have already sent questions to two bands. But I will not reveal any of them before later. There will also be a Swedish punk report. It will probably be 40 pages, and I will try to mix as much as possible.

I will make a shout out that I am always looking for scene reports, and co-writers since I want a good mix. If you want me to review your releases, get in touch for my post address. If you have any suggestions or questions, get in touch...

Send your emails to: schizodistro@gmail.com

A bit tired at Augustibuller


Schizo Punk Comp: More interviews

Hey, I hope you all will have a good weekend. If you have a few minutes left you can read these 3 new interviews. It's from 3 bands who contribute on the Schizo Punk Comp. I have got answers from 11 bands now and waiting for the 11 last bands. This time I will give you: 

Rännstensorkestern (Swe)
Återfall (Swe)
Los Mas Peroes (Arg)

Here is the link to Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1 on Spotify.
Schizo Distro & Fanzine – Schizo Punk Compilation Vol.1

It would be cool to get some feedback. If you listen to this compilation, please send your thoughts to schizodistro@gmail.com  It doesn't matter if it's good or bad feedback as long as you are honest. It's just good to know what you are thinking so I can make next volume better.


Schizo Punk Comp: More interviews

Here's a couple of more interviews related to Schizo Punk Comp. You will find all of them at: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html I have just 5 bands left to send questions to. I'm waiting to get answers from around 7 bands which I've already send questions to.

Mindless Violence
Hyrda Knektar



Schizo Punk Comp. Interviews

I will make small interviews with all participating bands on the Schizo Punk Comp. I have sent out questions to 17 of 22 bands. I have got answers from 5 bands so far. I hope that all bands will answer the questions. So why don't you find out more about the bands on Schizo Punk Comp.1... here is the 5 first interviews...

Fokkum (NL)
Demöralyzér (CZ)

Razorblade Smile (UK)

Spotlicks (Swe)
40oz. Folklore (USA)

All info here: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html


UK HC: Lay it on the line

I got this mail from a hardcore band from London, UK. I have just listen to a few tracks on Spotify, and I think they have a interesting sound. 

Lay It On The Line (Hardcore, London, UK) have put out their new mini-album for free/donation of Bandcamp, as well as being on Spotify/Itunes and all the usual places.

The vinyl version is out on July 10th on Fire Engine Records.

The record is about Donald Crowhurst, who committed suicide 7 months into a solo voyage around the world in 1969, having entered a round-the-world yacht race he couldn't possibly win.

FFO: Dead Swans, Vales, More Than Life, Polar

http://layitontheline.bandcamp.com/album/crowhurst - The record is up here now.


Schizo Punk Comp PROMO problem

Hey, I've noticed that the MP3's in the promo package some of you have been able to download have very bad quality. I will change that as soon as possible. The quality on Spotify isn't bad. Just for your knowledge. Take care out there!


New release: Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1

Schizo Punk Compilation Vol.1 are now available on Spotify. There is 22 tracks/bands from 13 different countries. And it's a multi punk genre compilation. You will get everything from hardcore crossover to grind and streetpunk. 

If you like this compilation or if you like any bands, there is possible to download the tracks from Spotify for a small fee. This project is focused on the digital Spotify version, but in July will it be possible to get copys from the bands, and maybe from Schizo Distro. I will send the music and coverart + insert to the bands so they can make their own copys, and it's up to every band how much they want to charge for a copy. But I guess that everyone who's gonna sell this CD will sell it pretty cheap. 

My intention is to release Vol.2 in October. If there is any bands out there who wanna participate, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com and we'll sort things out. What I need for that (later on) is one of your tracks (preferably a wav.file), your logo and then is it up to you if you can donate just a few $ £ €... since it costs for me to upload on Spotify. All profits will go to charity.

All bands will also be interviewed, those interviews will be published as fast as I get the answers from the bands. You will find them and everything else at: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html

Listen on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/5gMIWE5KlzeUxFn2dXV6hd

Here is the tracklist for Schizo Punk Comp:

1. Irritation (Swe) - Ingen lysande framtid
2. Fokkum (Hol) - Backward rituals
3. Frenzy of tongs (US) - Trouble
4. Demöralyzér (Cz) - Je tu ten den
5. Aterpe (Thai)- Ez zan Hil
6. razorblade smile (UK) 35 years (go to hell)
7. Återfall (Swe) - Day of the rope
8. Los Más Peores (Arg) - Superficial
9. Rännstensorkestern (Swe) - Mördarn
10. Mindless violence (Macc) - One spirit
11. The Bristles (Swe) - Gulag
12. Sewer trench (UK) - Prisoners of religion
13. Zudas Krust (Indo) - Raw, chaos, ungovernable
14. Spotlicks (Swe) - Apati
15. 40 Oz folklore (US) - Soapbox
16. Ratbite (Ukr) - Dead minority
17. Hyrda knektar (Swe) - Diamant
18. M.O.R.A. (Fin) - Feikki
19. Born wrong (Can) - Torch the place
20. Sub Alert (Swe) - Get of my back
21. Filthy Charity (Fra) - From the filth of your charity
22. Saturdays Heroes (Swe) - Tear it down

There are many benefits to be included on Schizo Punk Compilation: If you participate will you be on the digital version on Spotify. You will also be on the CD version, and since it is bands from all over the world will your music be spread worldwide, it's up to each and every band if they want to make copys. I will send digital copys to fanzines and blogs for reviews. All bands will be interviewed on the Schizo Blog. I will also write about the compilation in Schizo Fanzine.


Video: Fokkum - Backward Rituals

Fokkum is a good band with good people. Here is a video I made today. I am pretty satisfied even if it's simple. Visit Fokkum at http://www.fokkum.nl  They will participate on Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1 and have a couple of releases for sale. So get in touch with them if you like this.


Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1

Okey, the work with Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1 is almost done. And my intention is to have it available on Spotify in June/July. It will be 22 tracks and bands from 13 different countries. Beside Spotify will it also be possible to get copys from Schizo Distro and from all bands. I have made the coverart and will soon make the insert with info about the bands. I will also interview all bands. Will let you know when it's all up.

All info about this project will be found here: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html

Here is the playlist
1. Irritation (Swe) - Ingen lysande framtid 2. Fokkum (Hol) - Backward rituals 3. Frenzy of tongs (US) - Trouble 4. Demöralyzér (Cz) - Je tu ten den 5. Aterpe (Thai)- Ez zan Hil 6. Razorblade smile (UK) 35 years (go to hell) 7. Återfall (Swe) - Day of the rope 8. Los Más Peores (Arg) - Superficial  9. Rännstensorkestern (Swe) - Gulag 2 10. Mindless violence (Macc) - One spirit 11. The Bristles (Swe) - Gulag 12. Sewer trench (UK) - Prisoners of religion 13. Zudas Krust (Indo) - Raw, chaos, ungovernable 14. Spotlicks (Swe) - Apati 15. 40 Oz folklore (US) - Soapbox 16. Ratbite (Ukr) - Dead minority 17. Hyrda knektar (Swe) - Diamant 18. M.O.R.A. (Fin) - Feikki 19. Born wrong (Can) - Burn a debt 20. Sub Alert (Swe) - [T.B.A] 21. Filthy Charity (Fra) - [T.B.A] 22. Saturdays Heroes (Swe) - Tear it down

Well, if you have any questions or if your band wanna contribute on Schizo Punk Vol.2, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com


Schizo Fanzine #9 - Out now!!

AT LAST!!! Schizo Fanzine #9 is finished. Interviews: The Bristles (Swe), Moral Dilemma (UK), Slaktrens (Swe) M.O.R.A. (Fin), Återfall (Swe), Meinhof (UK), P.P.P Records (Swe), Gary Og (Sco), AFA Ireland (Ire) + Våldsamt Motstånd, Radio Bikini, Unfixed, System of Hate. 
More than 40 reviews, articles, mumbo jumbo etc... Please, spread the word that Schizo #9 is finished and out for free download:  http://www.mediafire.com/view/?s582yft5jmte2wa 

I will soon make it possible to download all pages as JPG-files and sort the pages if you wanna download a PDF and print it by yourself. I also hope it will be a printed version out this time. 

Check out Schizo Fanzine 1-8 here: http://www.schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/past-issues.html


Schizo Punk Compilation Vol.1

All bands for the compilation are now nailed. In a few days will I update http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html and then you will know all info about the bands and other shit. This compilation will be released on Spotify but I will send the music and cover art to the participating bands so they can make CD's for their merch. I am really satisfied with this compilation. Lot's of good bands from all kind of punk genres and from around 10-12 countries. If you are in a band and will participate on Vol.2, send a mail til schizodistro@gmail.com


For sale: 7 inches punk

If you are interested in any items, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com and we'll discuss the total cost (shipping etc). All records are in good condition but some can have a few defects like some small price stickers. I will let you know the full condition of the items you want to buy. Splits and comps. will be added later on.

A.O.C.‎– Rappelle Toi Didier! (Oi!)
 Acid Reflux ‎– Secret Power EP (HC/Punk)
 Adolf And The Piss Artists ‎– Heroes? (Punk)
 Alptraum GmbH ‎– Create Confusion (punkrock)
 Anti-Toxin ‎– The Enemy Is You (Hardcore)
 Anxtv ‎– Neve Rosso Sangue (Hardcore)
 Artgerecht ‎– Punkrockstar (Punk)

Billy Boy E La Sua Banda ‎– Morte E Chupa Chupa (Punk/Oi!)
 Boiling Man ‎– Roadkill Museum (Punk)
 Boomtown Rats, The ‎– Do The Rat (Punkrock)
 Born Bavarian ‎– Guade Leit (Punk)
 Bulemics, The ‎– Burn Baby Burn (punk)

Chiatiks ‎– On En A Bavé...  (Oi!)
 Cruelle Section ‎– "Oi! E.P." (Oi!)

Dictators, The ‎– Who Will Save Rock 'N' Roll?  (Punk)
 Dischord ‎– Fuck Copyrights (Grind/Punk)
 Disgust ‎– Thrown Into Oblivion (Punk/Crust)
 Diskord ‎– Hdfh (Death metal?)
 Dissolution '77 ‎– Panic (Punk)
 District, The ‎– We Don't Want It! (Oi!/Punk)
 Dog Pound ‎– Counter Clockwise (Postpunk/Punk) (sold)

Eastfield ‎– Opening The Lid Of Todd's Peace Box (Punk)
 Eddie And The Hot Rods ‎– At The Sound Of Speed (Punk)
 Endless Struggle ‎– Leathers, Studs, And Punks (Punk)

Flip-Tops, The ‎– Secrets And Lies  (Punk)
 Fuck The Bureaucracy ‎– Fuck The Bureaucracy! (Punk)

Gaia, The ‎– No.1
 Garage Monsters ‎– Powerhouse!
 Guerrilleros De Nadie - Intolerancia
 Guet Apens ‎– Guet Apens (Oi/Punk)

Hazardous Waste ‎– Another Warning (Hardcore)
 Heads Kicked Off ‎– Heads Kicked Off (Hardcore)
 Hellkrusher ‎– Dying For Who  (Punk)
 Homewreckers ‎– I Want More (Punk/Hc)

Identity‎– Clouds (hardcore)
 Instinct Of Survival ‎– Instinct Of Survival (Grind)
 Invasores De Cérebros ‎– Invasores De Cérebros (Hc/crust)

Kill Your Idols ‎– Salmon Swim Upstream (Hc)

Lanciafiamme ‎– Lanciafiamme (Hardcore)
 Leave It To Me ‎– 1001 (hardcore)

Maloney's Touch ‎– Don't Kill Us (Punk)
 Misdemeanor ‎– You're Nothing (And You Know It) (Punk, rock, stoner)

Plague ‎– Just Say No (hardcorepunk)
 Pokers, The ‎– Ignite -(punk)
 Public Nuisance ‎– Cheap Sex And Booze (Punk)

Rancid ‎– Roots Radicals (Punk)
 Razzapparte ‎– Gente Senza Poesia E.P. (punk/Oi!)
 Resistors ‎– Force Of Habit / Ride To Get You  (punk)
Severed Head Of State ‎– Black Blood World (hc/punk)
 Short Fuse‎– Fruitless Efforts (hardcorepunk)
 Spittin‘ Vicars, The* ‎– Oddball / (Ain't Going) Back To Babylon (punk)
 Stalin's Daughter ‎– Oktoberfest EP (punk)
 Stitches, The ‎– Monday Morning Ornaments (punkrock)
 Sub Society ‎– Relaxin' (Ushc)

Taxi (16) ‎– Who's To Blame (punk)
 Test A ‎– Sound Der Straße  (Oi!)
 TKO's, The (2) ‎– Don't Pull The Plug (Punk)
 Trout – Three Wise Men E.P. (indie)

Undone ‎– The Other Side (emo, hc) (sold)

Weekend Warrior ‎– Se Repite (punk)


Megapost: Ungovernable Resistance 2013 compilations

Free music to the people. Yes, that's just what this is about. A couple of new compilations from Ungovernable Resistance. With loads of good music in a lot of different genres. I am proud to be a small part of this compilation serie. I have made the covers and my bands Pass Out and Diskent + my soloproject SevenSeven contributes. Don't forget to visit Ungovernable Resistance for a lot of DIY related stuff. http://ungovernableresistancediyradio.blogspot.co.uk/
I really admire how Gaz put these compilations together. I know it's much work behind this project. Download these compilations, you'll find so much good music

Ungovernable Resistance 2013 Comp. Vol.1
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?7t82rd16lispi2d

1. Detain - No Escape (2:00)
2. Drowning - 13 families ft Tito Fury (2:33)
3. Snakes - Thin The Herd (1:22)
4. B1B - toxic human plague (1:25)
5. Disease - Alone,we die... (2:08)
6. Bring To Ruin-death reign (2:16)
7. Dredd - Street Justice (0:42)
8. Scumdogs - La confusión del rebaño (1:25)
9. Wagars - Musu saknes mit pazeme (2:50)
10. Communion of Thieves - Bottomless Execration (6:06)
11. Dis-Boikot - Dis-Boikot - After War (2:22)
12. Global Parasite - Ode To Sitchin (2:08)
13. Culto Del Cargo - Respirando la morte (1:27)
14. AÇÃO DIRETA - Sob Outros Céus (3:13)
15. 100%Dongo - Fucking police (2:24)
16. BEDA - To us not on the way... (1:30)
17. Disphux - i belive in no one but myself (1:09)
18. Livre? - Você é louco por controle ou tudo isso é simplesmente soberba (2:06)
19. Abhorrent System - Existence Is Futile (1:55)
20. Kastete - your time is now (3:11)

Ungovernable Resistance 2013 Comp. Vol.2
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?rqhanns2aa8imfe

1. Power is Poison - Occupy just defy (1:42)
2. Dårligt Selskab - JOURNALIST (2:06)
3. Nazis Shouldnt Drive - PMA (0:54)
4. Pass Out - Passed Out (1:14)
5. Fucktard - Century 21 Scum (2:35)
6. Tyber Stryke - No more shit (4:00)
7. SevenSeven -Rage and Unity (2:38)
8. Role Out-Just Nonsense (1:16)
9. Floorboard George - DopeSpoke (1:19)
11. Communion of Thieves - Black Earth (5:10)
15. Dis-Boikot - Dis-Boikot - Political Bastard (2:05)
16. Disphux - in the name of profit (1:37)
17. AÇÃO DIRETA - La Fiesta (2:11)
18. Livre? - Destruir e Construir (3:15)
19. BEDA - Deadlock (1:07)
20. To Die - amnesia selektif (1:51)

Ungovernable Resistance 2013 Comp. Vol.3

1. Communion of Thieves - El Destierro (2:03)
2. Guerrilla Alliance (Macabean the Rebel & Vega X) - Architecture of a Perfect Weapon (4:10)
3. 40 oz. Folklore - Greedy Bastards (1:52)
4. Diesis-I & MataSiete - Monkey vs Drunkenfist (2:28)
5. Power is Poison - Prey upon the weak (1:29)
6. Slug - Middle East War (4:22)
7. Triangle Fire - abort the troops (3:18)
8. bring to ruin-career suicide (1:19)
9. B1B - more desolation for world domination (1:22)
10. Foreseen -Structural Oppression (4:41)
11. Detain - Locked Up (2:20)
12. Disease - Another Nuclear Age (1:21)
13. Dredd - Cursed Earth (2:12)
14. Essere - Lavoro lavoro (ma quale lavoro...) (2:29)
15. The Bristles - Gulag (1:34)
16. Animal Train - Thin the herd (0:49)
17. Power is Poison - War on the system (1:53)
18. Abhorrent System - Traitor (1:59)
19. Turncoat Collective - Hope's Couch (2:22)
20. Tyber Stryke - The stalker (3:14)
Ungovernable Resistance 2013 Comp. Vol.4

1. Culto Del Cargo - L'era dell'uomo (2:29)
2. Communion of Thieves - Beauty Beyond an Image (2:55)

3. Disease - Mother Nature is dying (1:33)

4. Abhorrent System - Racial Schism (2:44)

5. Etilikor - te voy a reventar (1:19)

6. Role Out-Television (1:33)

7. Kennel - Benvenuta all'inferno (1:50)

8. Homicide - Pesadelo (0:40)

9. TO DIE - menuju genderang sunyi (0:19)

10. Dis-Boikot - Political Bastard (2:05)

11. Disphux - jeffy (1:18)

12. Diskent - Nedrusta (0:46)

13. Tyber Stryke - Hell's fire is waiting for you (2:12)

14. Turncoat Collective - On the Road to Self-Recovery (2:43)

15. Oiz II Men - Up The Anti (2:07)

16. Kennel - La mia ultima lettera (2:02)

17. Homicide - Inimigo Sem Causa (0:48)

18. Culto Del Cargo - Immagina (1:40)

19. Communion of Thieves - Innocencia Interrumptida (2:33)

20. Etilikor - Pika pika (2:23)

21. Fokkum - Puppet Masters (0:45)

22. Fokkum - Slave to convention (0:57)

23. Homicide - É Tudo Sobre a Informação (0:55)

24. Homicide - Right You Are (Napalm Death cover) (0:50)

25. Homicide - Esperando Para Explodir (1:18)

26. Communion of Thieves - Pasos Libres (5:19)

27. Communion of Thieves - The Twilight of Capitalism II (3:20)

28. Disphux - cries of the innocent (1:03)

29. Etilikor - cabeza de tacho (1:17)

30. Turncoat Collective - Song For The Speechless (3:41)


Review: Animal Train - Commercial Suicide

Animal Train - Commercial Suicide (Digital)
Well, I try to be as honest I can when I write reviews. Therefore wasn't my earlier Animal Train reviews so fun to read for the band members. But that's history now. They've actually developed a lot since then, in a very positive way. This 5-tracks EP offers a really pleasant 3-chord punkrock. They have done a lot of gigs during 2011/2012 and it might be the reason to their development, they have been much better to handle their instruments. They mix their punkrock with some old school hc/punk influences like 7 Seconds and Circle Jerks. I still think A.T is a band that can be better and they have all possibilitys, they have a strong card in CJ, I really like her voice. 3 tracks from this CD-ep will also be featured on the upcomming 7", one of those songs is Sith Vicious which I think is their best song ever. I am glad that I gave A.T a new chance.

Interview: Slaktrens

Here's a part of the Slaktrens interview that will be published in Schizo Fanzine #9 which will be out in a few weeks. It's Johan, the guy who formed the band who answer my questions. If you want more info about Slaktrens, visit their blog here and Rawby Records on Facebook here

Hey Johan, what's up? Please start to introduce the band. And how has the band developed since you released Ur Balans 7" 2010?

 Hi Micke! Here's the story of the band: first it was only me that recorded a pretty shitty demo (mangelattack), then Stefan joined and we did the ur balans 7", the strålande tider 12" and a bunch of tracks for comps. Then Befa and Tobbe joined, Stefan quit and Joel joined. We did our first recording as a full band this spring. It's not released yet but sooner or more probably later those songs will be on a split lp with Stick & Brinn. (Update: it will be a Slaktrens 7" insted of the split)

I like the titles of your songs, they are fun but also smart and directly, what is your lyrics about and which of your lyrics are you most satisfied with?

Generally just stuff that gets me annoyed or pissed off. I dont think im very good at writing lyrics and i dont have any favourites really.

You also run Rawby Records, what is the future plans? And you (and Masken) have just released Utanförskapet, what can you say about that LP?

No big plans really. Im still waiting for the Freaknation/Violent Headache split that i took a little part in paying for, to be released. I have really high expectations for that 7", especially the Freaknation side. The spanish version of Hellnation! I just hope it gets released sometime... Sometimes it feels like DIY = delay it yourself haha. Yeah the Utanförskapet 12" is really fucking great! Best record 2012 if you ask me, but i guess im a little biased hahaha. I guess i will also be involved in the Stick & brinn/Slaktrens split release.

Slaktrens, Nödslakt, Slaktattack, Skitslakt... ?

Slakt is a good word to put in a band name.