My 30 favorite punk bands. Part 2 of 2

Have you ever tried to write down your favorite bands? And even more difficult is it to place them in a particular rank order. I have done it through various scoring systems. From the beginning was more than 50 bands nominated, then I cut them down to just 30. They got points according to these criterion: A) Their meaning for me. B) How pogo compatible they are. C) Music & Vocals. D) Lyrics. E) Other good qualities. F) Bad qualities -which renders minus points. Well, this is what I came up to, here is 19-1. (And here is 30-20)

#19 - Blood or whiskey
One of the first band in the paddypunk genre. Their first album is almost like a modern classic. Haven’t listen much to their other albums but still a good band

#18 - Vanilla Muffins
Well, it’s suger Oi! but the name still sucks. They have some good football songs and so many fantastic melodies. I really need to listen more to this excellent band

#17 - Sir Reg
My friends in Sir Reg have been voted to the best paddypunkband for two years in a row by Paddypunk.com, good work. The only thing I can complain about is that they are so fucking well produced.

#16 - M:40
M:40 just become better and better. Their last release Diagnos is their rawest so far. They have just released good stuff. So fucking brutal

#15 - Rövsvett
I remember when I bought the Fatal farts at the legendary record store Far Out in Stockholm. It was my first rawpunk record. I still love this band.

#14 - Gorilla Biscuits
It won’t be a lie to say that G.B are icons of this kind of hardcore. Their album Start today is one of the best albums ever.

# 13 - Menace
When it comes to pure 77-punk is there noone that can beat Menace. I have loved them since I first heard them on some old 77-compilation.

# 12 - Angelic Upstarts
It seems like A.U just been better and better for every year. And I’m very pleased that Mensi continues the struggle against fascism.

# 11 - Bad Religion
Are they sellouts, it’s up to you. I prefer to listen to their music insted of think too much of other shit. They have done so many good songs but I think I prefer the 80-82 album

# 10 - NOFX
NOFX have been around since 1983, I guess there’s a lot of people who won’t consider them as a punk band. But I do, and they put some humour in serious topics

# 9 - Burnt Cross
Burnt Cross opened up my eyes for the anarcho punk scene. And it’s the best band ever. It would be interesting to see what they can do with real drums.

# 8 - Mob 47
This is what Sweden is famous for. Mob 47 is the masters of D-beat and have influenced so many bands worldwide, like my old band Diskent.

# 7 - Blanks 77
This is what pogopunk is for me. Blanks have been one of my favoritebands since mid.90’s. I just hope they will release a new album soon.

# 6 - Moderat Likvidation
I don’t know what I think of their reunion but it was fun to see them live even if it’s not the original members. There has never been or will never be a dirtier, rawer band than Moderat Likvidation

# 5 - Cockney Rejects
These hooligans from London’s East end brought in the Oi! into the punk scene.  It’s not possible to count their hits even if you had 10 fingers on each hand. Cockney Rejects is still around and mix and match when it comes to live gigs 

# 4 - Toy Dolls
Toy Dolls treats their instruments like Gods and they are just as good on records as they are live. And you can always count that their live shows will be spectacular. Humour and punk in a fantastic symbiosis 

# 3 - Ebba Grön
Ebba Grön was the first punk band I heard. I remember it so well. They are probably the most important band for Swedish punk. 77-punkrock at it’s best.  It’s just too bad that they are on different “Best of summer” records that you can buy at the gas station, it’s not their fault, but still... let them be a punk band and not anything ordinary people play at their bbq partys.  

# 2 - Strebers
Strebers will always have a part in my heart. They have done so much, from angry hardcore songs to punk with swedish folkmusic tunes. They didn’t record a single bad song before they became Dia Psalma. That’s mighty. 

# 1 - Asta Kask
One of the biggest reason why Asta Kask is my no.1 band is because of their live shows. And their routine has just made them even better in all aspects. Their last album was good, but their old stuff is magic. There will never ever be a band like Asta Kask. I just love them.


My 30 favorite punk bands. Part 1 of 2

Have you ever tried to write down your favorite bands? And even more difficult is it to place them in a particular rank order. I have done it through various scoring systems. From the beginning was more than 50 bands nominated, then I cut them down to just 30. They got points according to these criterion: A) Their meaning for me. B) How pogo compatible they are. C) Music & Vocals. D) Lyrics. E) Other good qualities. F) Bad qualities -which renders minus points. Well, this is what I came up to, here is 30-20

30. Sex Pistols
Everyone has opinions of this band and it was a hell of a circus around them. But you must not forget that they’ve done a whole bunch of good songs.

29. Blitz
Blitz is one of the best UK Oi! bands. It’s a shame that they didn’t recieved more points. They have done many hit songs with New Age as my personal favorite. 

28. Disfear
Disfear is a living proof of how good swedish crust really is. They are just brilliant and has always been classic. Who remember Anti-Bofors?

27. Antipati
It’s punk my friends, and it’s just in thise genre something simple can became something extraordinary. This is the modern Agent Bulldogg for better or worse...

26. Sham 69
Well, Sham 69 isn’t much to enjoy without Jimmy Pursey but they have written some timeless hits. If the kids are united is like an anthem.

25. Moral Dilemma
To discover new bands are almost like an orgasm and Moral Dilemma who deliver fantastic punk/hc is one of my recent discoveries. I love them.

24. Meanwhile
Dischange became Meanwhile, still very Discharge influenced, but they really know how to write their D-beat. Better than the average band in this genre.

23. Assück
Assück was my first acquaintance with grindcore. They even influenced one of my bands - Diskent. I think they are outstanding when it comes to grind.

22. The Bristles (Sweden)

This swedish band have been active in 3 different periods. And they going through their best period now. An excellent live band as well.

21. Spotlicks
It's all the bass lines who give Spotlicks a lot of extra points, it’s pure joy to listen. I just wish a bit more from the guitars. Female vocals, I love it as always.

20. Dead Kennedys
I have always been in love with Dead Kennedys. One of the most classic bands in the entire punk history. They will always be immortalized.


Sjuttisju - Rosa skjorta

Sjuttisju [77] - Rosa skjorta
This is from my soloproject Sjuttisju. This is the old Misfits song Last caress but I have changed the lyrics. If you want more info about Sjuttisju, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com. Listen to my first record "Skit i stan - Gullmarsplan" on Spotify.

Pass Out

Here is 3 tracks with my old band Pass Out from Haninge outside Stockholm. We became "the demo band of the issue" in Close-Up Magazine. I hope you will like this. Send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com if you want more info.

The tracks is: a) A few minutes. b) Passed out. c) Oi! Oi! Hey Hey


Summer 2012: Gelo from Italy

1. Please introduce the band, members, history, influences etc.

Gelo is a crust hardcore band from Treviso, small city in the north east of SHITALY (Italy is completely fucked up country) however the band is formed about 4 years ago by Cialcia (voice) Marvin (drums) Julian (bass) Ale and Mirko (guitars). During these year we support a lot of bands like Oi polloi, Riistetyt, Sotatila, Sakatat, Dead, LDOH, Infekcia, Pavilionul 32, Meinhof, AK47, Nulla Osta, Aktivna Propaganda, Distaste, Jonestown, Czosnek, K.A.I.N., Icon of evil, Campus stermini .... and we played in several festival and benefit show all over Europe We realised a CD-r and an LP split that you can download from our website: www.gelohc.com

2. What is your plans for the summer 2012? Any other news you want to share?

We are booking a tour in Europe with HOMO HOMINI LUPUS from Croatia in September this is our schedule:

Friday 14 - Milano I @ Torchiera squat
Saturday 15 - Biel CH @ Schrottbar
Sunday 16 - Stuttgart/Frankfurt D - NEED HELL(P)
Monday 17 -  Gießen D
Tuesday 18 - Berlin D TBC
Wednesday 19 - Copenhagen DK TBC
Thursday 20 - Göteborg SWE
Friday 21 - Oslo N TBC
Saturday 22 – Jönköping SWE
Sunday 23 - Stockholm/ Uppsala SWE - NEED HELL(P)
Monday 24 -  Linkoping/ Orebro/ Norrköping SWE - NEED HELL(P)
Tuesday 25 -  Aalborg  DK @  1000FRYD
Wednesday 26 - Hamburg D
Thursday 27 - Poznan/Wroclaw PL - NEED HELL(P)
Friday 28 - Brno/Prag/Ostrava CZ - - NEED HELL(P)
Saturday 29 - Graz A @ sub

I use this space as an ad.. hehehe (No problems // Schizo) if someone can help us... just write me at the.arrogante@gmail.com :P

3. What do you have for sale and what's the best way to order from you?

On sale we have the LP split with Baka Yaro and a t-shirt with our logo.. if you interest move your ass and come to our gigs!!! I'm joking of course... just write a mail and we find an agreement

4. Let's namedrop a few band for the perfect summer mix-tape/cd

For sure a compilation of the best rock and roll songs of 50's and to the other side: Nasum, Entombed, Wolfbrigade, Doom, Napalm Death, Poison Idea, Hiatus, Disrupt, Brutal truth and Insect warfare... but these bands can be for all the seasons

5. Please, add what you want... Have a great summer!

We are very happy to come in Sweden, and hope to see/meet some readers of Schizo Fanzine
ciao ciao. Have a nice summer!!!

You can hear some sounds here:
- Gelo - www.gelohc.com
- Homo Homini Lupus - http://www.myspace.com/hhlpula

Here you can download Gelo stuff:

Thanx a lot for your answers and I hope your tour will be a success! Have a safe trip! /Schizo

Schizo distro update

Some more 7"s in the distro...
Burnt Cross - Too many graves
Burnt Cross / Cress
Spritvev - Pommacs larm

Get in touch for orders: schizodistro@gmail.com


The Bristles on tour in Germany

Review: Stiffy Jones (CD)

Stiffy Jones - S/t (CD)
(Odd Note Records)

Stiffy Jones and Twopointeight have some connections. It was Fredrik Björck from 2.8 who produced and mixed this album. And the music is not far from 2.8. It's punkrock with a swedish/american touch. Like a development of (modern) Rancid. Like a taste of ink, fags and strong coffee. Stiffy Jones isn't bad but I think they miss that fine point that you can hear in 2.8. Well, I can't complain to much on Stiffy Jones, it's more the genre and that there is too many similar bands that bore me. I will make it easy and compare Stiffy Jones with bands like Hellacopters and Social Distortion, a mix between garage and punkrock. I know there's lot's of people out there who like this genre, this is OK, no more no less.

Review: Subculture - Just play the music EP

Subculture - Just play the music E.P (Digital)

One of Englands best Oi!/77 band ever have released a new 7", I got the 4 tracks from Peter, the leadsinger. This is really classy for all suckers of old classic british Oi! and 77-punk. It's in the same class as Sham 69 and Angelic Upstarts. Please read the interview I made with the band in Schizo Fanzine #8. They play pretty slow 3-chord punk and as I wrote somewhere, they deserve more creds, because this is better than many bands in this genre. Pure fucking punkrock, and the song Take the world is amazing. Their tunes fill my head, and I just want a lot of beer.

Review: We are back Vol. 3-4

Here's Vol. 3 and 4 from the We are back compilation released by Ungovernable Resistance.

Vol. 3

Total Agression, sounds very much like Disfear and all other good crust bands with the same style. Bring to ruin, another good crust band but much darker than Total Agression for an example. Triangle Fire and Power is poison are pretty similar with a mix of good punk and hardcore. The Bristles from Sweden is good as always with their hard punkrock. Oiz II Men just gets better and better for everytime. Devastation is another hardhitting punkrock band. Damn, this volume is the best so far. Almost every of the 20 bands/tracks is good.

DL-LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?aed8pc5m8orez7z

Vol. 4

If volume 3 was best so far... it's not easy to beat the line-up on this volume which start with Burnt Cross, Power is poison and Abhorrent System. And oh, my old band Pass Out is on this volume as well. I think we, Illegal Action and Devastation is the most punkrockiest bands on this volume. There is a bunch of harder bands too, like grindbeating Gerk, Noituus and Spreading Evictions.

DL-LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?8q38i00vjq65672


Review: We are back Vol 1-2

Ungovernable Resistance DIY have released 12 volumesof the We are back compilation. 12 fucking volumes, that's amazing. Download them from http://ungovernableresistancediyradio.blogspot.co.uk/ 

I will not review every band, I write about my favorites from each volume. Here is the first 2.

We are back 1.
Brutal Regime
reminds a bit of MDC and the vocals almost sounds like Motorhead-Lemmy. Defcon Zero it's all about great furious hardcorepunk. Nazis shouldn't drive, the music sounds like old Bad Religion. Flowers of flesh and blood play old school hardcore punk, they are good but I don't really like the vocals. Short Bus Window Lickers, angry punkrock between Discharge and GBH. Noise Complaint, old school us-hc. Piss On Authority, a mix between classic swedish crust and hardcore

We are back 2. 
T.D.R.S is classic anarchopunk from the UK, not bad at all. Social Schism have an old school punk hardcore sound, I like them a lot. Sickpig, angry political punk from the UK male/female vocals. Sufferinfuck, noisy grindcrust. Weelchair x 4, raw, fast and brutal hardcore, fucking excellent. Wind of genocide, this is really good and dark crust. Shithouse play really angry hardcore/crust.

DL-link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?j8alicjw7ygbg49


Video: Buiten Gebruik


The Bristles on youtube

New video - The Bristles (Sweden) Checkpoint Sweden

Taken from the album Reflections of the Bourgeois Society, Switchlight Records 2010. The intro is from Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness. Exterminate all the brutes. The final words in Kurtz report at the request of the International Society for the Suppression of Savage Customs. Live footage from Alte Meierie, Kiel, Germany, February 2011.


Reviews: Riots - Riots

Riots - Riots (digital)
(Subversive Records)

Here is a norwegian band that doesn't sound like Rancid or GBH. And Riots is ex Goldcrush, I don't remember what I wrote about Goldcrush, but the sound is similar to how they use to sound. It doesn't really matter what I used to think of them because this is good punk rock n roll with 77 influences. I know that Riots has connections with UK Subs, and the sound it's pretty much like the Subs. I have always been a sucker for 77-punk, the only doubts I have with Riots is the vocals who is a bit too well polished for me, and I would prefer more british accent than the american, or have I wrong? If you don't know is Riots actually a british/swedish/norwegian band. I have to say that I prefer the name Riots before Goldcrush. It is July right now, and the summer is the best season for Riots, I hope they will have a great summer.

Reviews: Mörse - S/t

Mörse - S/t (digital)

Mörse from Lille in France have released their first EP. The music is pretty much about stoner rock and hardcore punk. I have to admit that stoner isn't my absolute favorite. I prefer their faster parts. And since it's not 100% stoner can I listen to this and actually enjoy them a bit. I like the melancholic feelings in their sound. This 3 tracks EP isn't bad at all, and Mörse will probably open my mind for this kind of music, even if I never will be a stoner haha. I can not refer to any bands since I'm blissfully ignorant of the genre, but still, it's good. And as I wrote, I prefer the punk and hardcore parts. When Pour Qui PreÍsde l'Effroi kickstart after 1.40 minutes is it really good.


Summer 2012: Kranium

Next band out is Kranium. If your band wanna contribute here, answer the 5 questions and send them to schizodistro@gmail.com

1. Please introduce the band, members, history, influences etc.

Kranium started in 1997 cause there were no good bands arround ,just chugga-chugga. Current line-up is, dahlberg-git&vox, hacken-bass and nilse-drums.  By listen to us its quite obvious what we listen to.

2. What is your plans for the summer 2012? Any other news you want to share?

It seems that our split 12" with dispose finally gonna be out, so try to push it as much as possible. Probably play some gig in august.

3. What do you have for sale and what's the best way to order from you?Still got some "rakt in i döden" 7" left for order, and the new 12" coming in, everythung else is sold out. check www.kranium.st

4. Let's namedrop a few band for the perfect summer mix-tape/cd
Hank III, Kaaos, Amebix, Tornion-laakso Leena, Lebenden Toten, Bachman turner overdrive, Nerveskade, Bombs Away. Always try to mix rawpunk and bonnrock for perfect tape

5. Please, add what you want... Have a great summer!
Great summer to you too!