Festival: Dead Rhythm #1

Dead Rhythm is a new punk festival which will be arranged in Västerås in the end of  September, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th. The line-up is fantastic with bands from all over Sweden and from all different genres... crust/street/Oi!... This is an interview with Ronny, who arrange the fest. I think they need as much PR as possible and I hope this will be a recurrent festival.

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Here is the schedule.


Prins Carl (Västerås)
Saturday Heroes (Finspång)
Damage Head (Sthlm/Uppsala)
Fredag den 13;e (Göteborg)
Gatans Lag (Borås)


Dobermann Cult (Stockholm)
Dissekerad (Stockholm)
Agent Attitude (Uppsala)
Utanförskapet (Dalarna)
Hyrda Knektar (Stockholm)
Knife For An Eye (Göteborg)

1. Hey Ronny, please tell me about Dead Rythm. How did you came up with the idea for this fest? It is a really good line-up, and a fantastic genre mix. What was your intention when you start to book bands?

Hey and thanks for this interview!

I had the idea for a while,because I'm so tired of leaving town every week to go to gigs, With this fest I will have the chance to watch great music in my hometown!Cause that's a thing that never happens. The other idea with my fest is the mixed genres from oi to käng!Cause usually it's all centered to one or two kinds of punk.I will think I did a pretty good job there!

2. This fest will be in Västerås. How many tickets have you sold and how many tickets are you aloud to sale? How does it use to be in Västerås when it comes to live gigs, much audience or is it a cold city?

I actually sold this fest out, So it went much better than I thought! I had 120 tickets to each day and it's all gone, But most of the tickets have been bought of people from other cities in Sweden (from Piteå to Malmö) so thats great fun!

Västerås is a very hard and strange town to arrange gigs in, cause you never know how it will be. Are the people coming, or are they home jerking off? Most of the times it seems that people prefer there dicks and clits, before listen to music! Some of the gigs are almost sold out and the next time nobody shows upp (on gigs with better bands) and you dont understand nothing. But at my last gig with Dissober and Smalltown we had over 110 people there so I hope we are on a upgoing spiral!

3. Will there be any distros or other merch for sale?

Yeah hard and smart is coming with their distro, Skrammel is also showing up on Saturday! Then every band has their own merch/records ofcourse! I will sell Dead Rhythm Fest shirts and bags!

4. Do you think this fest will be back next year as well?

Yeah the date is already set to 4-5:th April and I will present the first bands on DR#1 .5 bands is already at the lineup and this time we have a band from england . So it's gonna be interesting! I hope to do this 2 times one on the spring and one to celebrate the fall!

5. Please, tell me more about Dead Rythm, do you arrange club gigs as well? Are you alone with the work or do you have any help from other people?

Yeah I do club gigs also(next is 12;th october with Reidar from Antipati and Jonas from Gatans Lag doing an acoustic set) then I will try do at least one gig every month! Have some fine upcoming shows I hope to announce in the upcoming weeks! I used to do this club a few years back on a legendary pub called Taj Mahal here in town, but it went bankrubt so I took a pause for a few years, but started again in September last year! Yeah I arrange everything by myself, but I had help from friends printing posters,giving me a ride, but most of the things I do by myself!(easier with no one to argue with)

6. What do you think about the Västerås punk scene? Any bands you wanna recommend?

In Västerås we have a lot of bands but few places to play, So I guess we have a very good scene if you only concentrate on the bands. We have the two comebacking bands Bombshell Rocks and Dissober, both bands is going to play a few shows this year and Bombshell is going to release 2 new songs! Otherwise we have Angers Curse who been around for a couple of years now and I think they got their real break this year with a shitload of gigs everywhere!

And ofcourse we have Slaktrens,Suffer The Pain, Bombs Of Hades(metal but very punk)

7. Is it possible to buy alcohol at the venue?
Well Ofcourse, I don't know the last time I was on a sober gig ,I think music and alcohol is the best mix ever! On this fest its arranged like a private party so the beer will be cheap and cold! And the Liqor will be strong and violent! I actually had a brewery making a Dead Rhythm Ipa so I'm psyched about that!

8. If you have anything you want to add feel free to do it. 

Sorry for my bad english!
but i will citate Void!

*I'm not the hand of their tools
I'm gonna live by my rules
Why should I listen to those fools
I'm gonna live by my rules*
Buy records,go to gigs,drink beer!
And dont forget www.facebook.com/klubbdeadrhythm for the latest info of the shows!

Thanx a lot!