Review: The Rebel Spell - It's a beautiful future

The Rebel Spell - It's a beautiful future

This album was released 2010, but it also could have been released around 1995 on Fat Wreck Chords, because it's that kind of music. I thought I was done with this genre, well I still listen pretty much to a few of the classic bands, but haven't been interested in any new bands since around 1999. I have to say that even if they sound much like Face To Face, Strung Out, Good Riddance (the list can be long) is The Rebell Spell a band with own ideas and I really like the melancholic touch in the vocals. This is not "skatepunk", not at all, so don't be affraid of that if that's a term that scares you. This is their second album and the difference isn't too big, the tracks on the first album was more straight on while it's more melodies and better composed music on this album. This Canadian band will probably get much positive feedback from Germany where this kind of melodic US HC always is popular. 


Review: Bottom Feeder - S/t

Bottom Feeder - S/t

This danish band will probably please a lot of different people, people who like slower crust via people who like death metal all the way to people who actually are into sludge, the last-mentioned genre is what they call themselfs. I use to think that this slow music is boring, but I really like Bottom Feder, they are dynamic even if the music is slow. This EP consists of 2 tracks and I think it is their second EP, it would have been fun to hear their 1'st and hear their development. These two songs have a total length of 12.30 minutes.


Schizo podcast is up

Alright, the podcast is up. You'll find it here:


Playlist: 1. Dogmatist - Demo, 2. Spotlicks - Jämna Plågor, 3. Buiten Gebruik - Indonesia, 4. Burnt Cross - Ian Tomlinson, 5. The Barcrawlers - The Craic was 90, 6. Sir Reg - Feck the Celtic Tiger, 7. M.O.R.A - Nollatoleranssi, 8. Riots - Oslo City, 9. Rövsvett - Nazzesvin, 10. Rövsvett - Kaffe, 11. Skitslakt - Den sista mohikanen


Schizo Podcast up on monday

The podcast have been a bit delayed because of  some technical boring shit. But it will be up on monday, hope you will be back and listen. And it's not live, I mix the whole thing and will make it possible to download as an MP3, maybe will I find some way to stream it as well. Do you have any ideas of how? Is Soundclad a good way? Cheers!


News: The Bristles

"The Bristles new album Bigger than Punk will be out November 2 2012. The album title’s follows the Dead Prez’, but concerning punk; the music is only a soundtrack to the revolutionary struggle.

The album co
ntains 11 tracks like “A Womans Work is Never Done” that deals with male chauvinism, “Holidays in Thailand” about western sex- and drugs tourism, and “the American Dream”, one of the biggest lies ever. The album also contains a dub song, Spirit Way, about drug abuse. An abuse the members of the band have put behind them.

The release is a cooperation between Switchlight Records, Turist i Tillvaron, Noise of Sweden and Heptown Records, and will be out both on cd and vinyl.

The album is produced by Tommy Tift (Sista Sekunden & Vånna Inget)."

The Bristles @ Facebook

Trailer for the new album

Checkpoint Sweden, from their last album "Reflections of the Bourgeois Society"


Schizo Podcast

 Yes, Schizo Fanzine, Schizo Distro, Schizo Blog, and now Schizo Podcast. Yes that's true. I will record this podcast weekly, and it will be around 30-45 minutes. So if you want your band to be played, send your MP3's to schizodistro@gmail.com

Here is a couple of things I want from you

* MP3's (If you wanna send records or other stuff, ask for my address. I will always review everything I get on the blog and in the fanzine)
* If you're gonna send your music, don't forget to send some band info as well. 
* Info about tours and gigs
* Ads, you can record your own ads for the podcast
* Suggestions about topics

Podcast content

* Music (Punk, HC, Oi!, Crust, Ska, Irish)
* An old school chapter where I highlight old Swedish bands
* An irish chapter about bands who play all kind of irish folk music
* Thoughts, opinions, rants

I will always have a playlist for every show as well as contact info to all related stuff I talk about or play.

So come on now and help me to help you. Questions, suggestions, tips etc...



Against modern football

I support Hammarby (Sweden) and Celtic (Sco) as you probably know by now. But there is one thing we all need to unite against... Against modern football. There is too much business, money rule and supporters treats like criminals. I have been pepper sprayed some times and been beaten by the police a couple of times, and most of the times have I honestly been innocent. I have been ripped off so many times by expensive tickets, well the list can be long. And all I wanna do is to watch my team, party with my friends and I am NOT a Category C supporter. But still, the cops, association and media have their view that we are just a bunch of thugs. Here is a couple of links that I recommend you to watch, and "like" if you use Facebook.

Please, comment if you have any more links or if you have any opinions of this topic


Love the game, hate the business (Facebook)
Against modern football (Facebook)
Capitalism is destroying football (Facebook)

Försvara medlemsdemokratin - Bevara 51% regeln (Facebook. Swedish)

Antifa Football

Ultras against racism (Facebook)
Antifa Football teams (Facebook)
Antifa Ultras & Hools (Facebook)

Hammarby related
Ultra Boys (Web)
Bajen Fans (Web)
Bajenland (Facebook)

Celtic related

Green brigade Ultras  (Facebook)
Underground Celtic Supporters club (Facebook)

Ultras & Cat-C

www.ultras-tifo.net (Facebook)
Ultras Liverpool (Facebook)
Tifo O.Marseille (Facebook)
Ultras Inside (Facebook)
Ultras Livorno (Facebook. Italian)


Hail Hail Glasgow Celtic radio Facebook / Web

Charlie and the bhoys (Facebook)


And here is one of my own songs... Sjuttisju - Hat (From Skit i stan Gullmarsplan)
You can get both my records from iTunes, the are also available from Spotify,
where you can buy them as well
Skit i stan - Gullmarsplan (iTunes)
Ett lag - En kärlek (iTunes)


Review: Songs for snakes - Charcoal Heather

Songs for snakes - Charcoal Heather

A whole bunch of bands come up in my mind when I listen to Songs for snakes. Not bands I ordinary use to listen to, but still, bands I don't mind listen to. Like Descendents, Fugazi and Hüsker Dü. American indie/punk with a lot of melancholic melodies. I am not sure I would play this album at a party, but alone while driving a car with some deep thoughts about life would be perfect. The minor key chords dominate and the vocals fits perfect to the music. I can just congratulate Songs for snakes to a great job, this album is really nice. Sidewalk Rider and Half Life must be the strongest tracks among many strong tracks. Another good thing with Songs for snakes is that they are a DIY band, that will always be a good thing in my book. 

Review: Dogmatist - Obedience

Dogmatist - Obedience
(Raw Birth Records - rawbirthrecords.blogspot.com)

Alright, do you like raw, distorted hardcore with a japaneese/finish sound? Well, then you're gonna get this record. And Dogmatist isn't from even Japan or Finland. It's a Danish band and sound quite like Kylma Sotaa, Disclose and a bit like Anti-Cimex and many more. It's a total distorted blast and the sound is still good. I like the vocals, they reminds of D-clone. Dogmatist was formed earlier this year (2012) and I hope they will exist for a long time. It's always fun with bands who is this good hailing from countries that is not so famous for the genre. Don't be surprised if there will be a Dogmatist interview in Schizo Fanzine in the future because these 8 tracks was totally brilliant.

News: Down to kill

Down to kill released a LP on Righteous Anger Records. That album is called Born to die. You can listen to those13 tracks for free here: http://righteousangerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/born-to-die

About Righteous Anger Records
Righteous Anger Records is a small non-profit DIY label, distro and promotions based in north Wales, UK. We are part of a worldwide collective of DIY labels, bands and artists. Our other half is a Righteous Anger Promotions who put on gigs every now and again in north Wales including past Dirty Weekend Festivals.

Righteous Anger Records
Righteous Anger Records @ Facebook


Tune into the resisstance

Ungovernable Resistance have done some changes in their air time. The punk edition will from now on be on fridays. You will get more info here: http://ungovernableresistancediyradio.blogspot.co.uk/

Here is the updated flyer and a new flyer I've made for U.R (Please share them if you want)


I recommend: Dogmatist from Denmark

Recommendation Week 41 - 2012
I will start to update once in a week with a band I really wanna recommend. It will be bands in all genres, big or small, old or new... it doesn't matter. The first band will be Dogmatist from Denmark who play distorted and raw hardcore. They was formed earlier in 2012 and the plan was to do a Finland tour in September which I don't know if they did. Here is the A-side from their demo called "Obedience"


Schizo interviews

Here's just a few of all interviews I've made. Read all interviews in the fanzine where you will find even more (and longer) interviews which you can read or download for free... just push the read/download button. I must say it's a really good mix of band and genres, I am really satisfied, it's all good bands and people. This list of bands will just grow for every year, I love this.Enjoy!

Dissekerad (Swe)
Meinhof from (UK)
Moral Dilemma (UK)
Gelo (It)
Toxik Ephex (UK)
Really Fast Records (Swe)
Partiya (Belarus)
Ungovernable Resistance DIY (UK)
Subculture (UK)
The Bristles (Swe)
Extensity (Spain)
Sörling/Turist i tillvaron (Swe)
Asta Kask (Swe)
Power is poison 1 I Power is poison 2 (NL)
Glidslem (Swe)
Sir Reg (Swe)
Makabert Fynd (Swe)
Spotlicks (Swe)

Kansalaistottelemattomuus (Fin)
                                              Here is some fanzines I made in the 90's


Interview: Dissekerad

Dissekerad are a pretty new band from Stockholm, Sweden. They deliver classic D-beat and consist of members from Makabert Fynd among others. It is Mattis who answered my questions about their new tracks, gigs and much more. So sit back and enjoy...

Okey, here we go, please start to introduce the band, members, other bands etc

Well, I'ts me Mattis on guitar, Poffen- vocals, Andre- Bass and Pyri on the drums. We started up like 6 months ago when we celebrated my birthday. I've always wished to have a band with Pyri and I've played with Andre before when he used to be Makabert fynds bass player. Poffen still plays with me in makabert fynd. We made a demo and I was really saticfied with the outcome so we kept on playin. 1 year ago i ment..hehe To include, Pyri is my neighour

Pyri and Mattis

Aight, so what kind of music is it, is it another Dis-band with the Discharge logo, or why Dissikerad?

We play straight swedish d-beat hardcore. I can't say we sound a lot like Discharge. The idea of the name come more from what it means than a Dis-name. I came up with it when I wrote some lyrics a while ago. But ofcourse... I love Discharge!!!!

Okey, and you have recorded 11 tracks this weekend, what will you do with those tracks?

Its gonna be an LP on some label. We have offers but we have not yet decided which one we will use. Maby we'll do an european release and an american, as I said.. we havent decided yet. We are still mixin it and we'll see when its finnished. To add.. we also have wishes on some labels that we will send to..

Okey, sounds cool. Have you done any gigs, or will the gig 22 october be the first?

We did a gig on the Punks 44 gig this summer and we will play with D-Clone, Kylmä sota, mob 47, Desperat, Sex dwarf etc on october 20th. After that we dont have any gigs booked. We will probably get some after the LP is released

It's a great line-up for a gig. What do you expect for that gig?

Well, we are really honored ofcourse to play with all those great bands. I really think its gonna be a killer gig. Lots of punk rockers that will tear down the place..hehe Oh.. Kontatto is also playing

André handle the bass

Haha, we hope so, I wish I could come that evening, but it doesn't work. Yeah, Kontatto is really familiar with Sweden now, it's a good band and good people. By the way, which labels do you want to release your LP?

Hm, well there's a bunch of awesome labels. Skrammel is one ;0), D-beat & rawpunk, De:nihl, Prank, Feral ward... I can keep goin on for ages hehe

There is a lot of good swedish labels at the moment, that's cool. What do you think of the diy scene in Stockholm and Sweden?

I think its great! Its turning up great new labels and clubs/venues more often now. Stockholm can get better I think, if you compare to other countrys in europe we can still get better

Yeah, I guess you have been around pretty much with Makabert Fynd and have seen a lot of difference. What and where would be the perfect gig for Dissekerad?

I think the gig october 20th is gonna be perfect. I also think we would fit Punk Illegal and Svartmyra

Yeah, it seems like Punk Illegal will be back next year so we can just hope you'll play there. What do you think about Punk Illegal?

I've been there twice and I love that festival. Both of the times I went there I saw a bunch of awesome bands. I also think the park they use is really cozy and the atmosphere is super. Great festival!!

So well, if we try to end this, you have the gig and the lp for the future, but if you would dream, what would you want to happen more in the future then?

Well, to make great records,gigin and having fun!

Okey, any last words?

See you at kafe 44!

Dissekerad @ Facebook

Dissekerad - Undergången är nära

Interview: Meinhof

Here's an interview with Meinhof from UK. It's Jarek who answered my questions about the band, the scene, Sweden and much more. A big thanx to him and to the band who I consider as one of the best existing bands in this genre right now. 

Ok, let's go. Please, start to introduce the band members. Do you play in other bands as well? And what else do you do except playing punk?

I play the guitar, and mostly do the songs... Rosy sings and plays the bass, Frank is our drummer. I also play in Unfixed, but it is like playing in the same band, haha... Well, it is hard to say what else I do except playing punk, as I am a normal, regular person doing loads of stuff every day... Even if mostly it is connected with punk, then still I wouldn't know where to start...

Ok, well we don't need the long story now so let's continue. You have done at least two gigs in Sweden, at Punk Illegal, what do you remember from those gigs, and the festival?

The fest is very impressive and well organized... I think this organizing must be a Swedish thing, haha... I remeber great shows, cool punx from allover the world and nice atmosphere! I noticed, that the last time we played, in 2011, there was not really good turn up... And the event did not happen this year... Must be some problems with the fest, I guess.

Yeah, the most things with Punk Illegal is really impressive. The festival will probably be back in 2013. And while we are into the DIY thing, what do you think of the DIY scene of today? You have toured many countries so you must have seen pretty much?

The DIY punk scene is pretty the same all over the Europe, however it seems, that it is better organized in some countries... I don't wanna point them, as usually we meet very cool people who try their best with the opportunities they have at their hands, so I wouldn't make feel someone "worst" because of his origin... In general, the scene is still strong, but unfortunatelly there are less and less people involved in it, year by year... Maybe that's not the best to compare to 90's... but yes, 90"s were massive compering to contemporary scene.

And if we continue with Meinhof in particular, how would you describe your music and your lyrics for those who will see/hear you for the first time?

Definitelly we play d-beat, as I consider "d-beat" as the way to play the drums, not a style... We are trying to make it a crusty way, but with a healthy dose of melody... Our lyrics usually express our "polical" views, and there is loads of sadness and depressive stuff on them, but on the other hand, we are trying to spread some optimistic stuff as well, as I personally think, that punk is the only solution and answer. At least, it is working for me!

That 's true, so I guess your opinion for fashion punks and poser punks etc is not the best?

Well, there is an importance for punk to be "colorful", if you know what I mean? This way, punk was never fully commercialized or fashioned by music business. In short, there is a space for so called "fashion" punx, however I don't feel qualified to judge other people by the music they listen or clothes they wear... I think attitudes and beliefs are much more important, so it is more complex thing...

Last year when I was on the Spotlicks/Buiten Gebruik tour did I met older punks who didn't know what a "distro" was for an example. Well, we might not be able to judge people but I thought it was strange. Ok, so which bands will you get your influences from?

I think, that some punks are not well aware of DIY punk scene existence, so maybe it is better not to judge them, but to try, but to try to introduce it to them... Some of them will get it quickly, I bet. Some of them will be assholes anyways, haha... OK, what influeces? Swedish hardcore, of course!!! Hahaha...

Yeah, one of them actually bought a record from me, so I might have learned him haha. It's really strange for me, if I look at swedes in general to understand how we can be one of the countries who influence bands from all over the world with aggressive music. We are not aggressive people. I guess it must be the free music school the kids learn to handle their instruments. Please, write a few lines of each album you've released

I did an interview with Victims drummer some years ago, to my own punk zine... And that's what he said; Swedish kids are better provided and looked after by government to be good musicians... First album, "The Rush Hour Of Human Misery" is a traditional crust-punk with untraditional "drummer"... "Under The Burning Sky Of Future Events" is our expression of love to some talented Swedish kids, especially Avskum, haha... And the drummer is already traditional! "8 Drops Of Blood" is our best achievement, in my personal opinion. And the last record, "Mother" could be a side B for "8 Drops Of Blood", haha...

Ok, as we'll keep this interview pretty short will I ask you if you have any last comments and what is your future plans?

Thanx for interview. My future plan is to play with my 5 yeras old son, Erik.

Meinhof @ Facebook
Meinhow website


Schizo will be back soon

During the summer have I've been very slow with updates, and so even after the summer. But don't worry, I will be back soon with more continual with reviews and more stuff. I really hope you enjoyed the summer.