Bands, what will you do this summer?

To all bands out there... The summer is comming, and I wanna promote your plans, so please... Answer these questions and send them to schizodistro@gmail.com The answers will be published on this blog. Thanx!

1. Please introduce the band, members, history, influences etc.
2. What is your plans for the summer 2012? Any other news you want to share?
3. What do you have for sale and what's the best way to order from you?
4. Let's namedrop a few band for the perfect summer mix-tape/cd
5. Please, add what you want... Have a great summer!

Cheers // Micke - Schizo Distro&Fanzine

Sir Reg Video diary from their tour in Germany

Here's the video diary from the tour Sir Reg did back in February 2012.
Two Sweden gigs is confirmed right now, Friday 1 June in Helsingborg
and Saturday 16 June in Kramfors. Lot's of more gigs is confirmed,
check them out here. Sir Reg live 2012

Part 1.

Part 2.

Sir Reg interview from Schizo Fanzine 3

Review: A sign of times


Kapitano - Swedish punk

Kapitano from Sweden relased a new track - Jag såg dem falla, listen at Spotify

Jag såg dem falla is released by Hellrow Records. Kapitano will also contribute on Turist i tillvaron Vol.4 and later this year will Hepcat Records release a split 7" with Kapitano and Fubbix another swedish.

EndGate - Grind/Crust from Portugal

Check out this Portugese band. Their grind/crust is very well-played.

EndGate - Children of chaos

Endgate - Grind my gears

And here is an interview if you wanna know more about the band


Schizo Fanzine 8

At last, here is Schizo Fanzine #8. Interviews: PARTiYA, Toxik Ephex, Inner Equilibrium / Ungovernable Resistance, Really Fast Records, Subculture, Sub Alert. 45 reviews and much more. Download it for free. I will also make a PDF-file where the pages are sorted for everyone who wanna print their own copys. Feel free to make how many copys you want. Please send your feedback, suggestions, critics to schizodistro@gmail.com 

Download Schizo Fanzine #8 here
56 pages, 8.58 Mb (please spread this link)

Download Schizo Fanzine #8 print-version

Do you wanna print your own copy/copys? Here's a link where the pages are sorted for that case. Like (56-1, 2-55, 54-3...etc) It's free and if you have a distro is it just to sell or trade. Do what you want

Download Schizo Fanzine #8 JPG files
Here is all 56 pages as JPG files. The resolution is 120 dpi. This file is zipped and the size is 11,6 Mb. Feel free to download and upload on your blog, facebook etc

Or if you prefer to read it right on the screen...

Here's the front page of Schizo 8. I will soon get a download link for you who wanna download the fanzine as pictures (jpg).

Feel free to spread this. Enjoy!
I will start the work with Schizo Fanzine #9 right away.


Review: PARTiYA - Assholeraisers

PARTiYA - Assholeraisers (Digital)

This is a crust/grind band from Belarus and they are very active with releases and tours, they have played in several countries since 2007 and they have a lot of free to download stuff on the primitive distro blog. This album was released in april 2012 and it's so fucking raw. They sing in russian but there is translated lyrics enclosed and explanations as well. PARTiYA have released a split with Agathocles, and that use to say much about how the band sound. I really like how desperate Mysh sounds when he sing. I hope PARTiYA can make it all the way to Sweden in the future, because it would be fucking great to see them live. I have admit it before, I am not the best to review grind influenced music, but fuck that, I like PARTiYA, and if you are into this raw crust/grind will you like them too. Download this from Primitive Distro, you will get 20 tracks with ok sound quality. 

PARTiYA are interviewed in Schizo Fanzine #8, read a part of the interview here


Review: The Frenzy of tongs

The Frenzy of tongs -
The piper at the gates of dumb (CD)
(SDM(UK) Musick)

I don't know a shit about this band or the members, but my first expression is that they are complete mad. I get Toy Dolls and Nofx vibes even if the music isn't just like that. It's more straight on fast punkrock. Anyway, it's charming and I think that they will be something special live. I also get some american college movie vibes, like Good Charlotte and stuff like that but this is harder and like 1000 times better, more like Sloppy Seconds and Screeching Weasel. I really like this and will listen to this record more times.


Download: Jagernaut/Hello bastards split tape

Download the free Jagernaut / Hello Bastards split tape for free right here

"Jagernaut from Athens, Greece deliver relentless & raw crust/grind mixing bands like Masskontrol, Doom and Extreme Noise Terror. Hello Bastards from the U.K  keep things fast and political, powerviolence mixed with crust, a killer combination for sure. Limited to 200 copies"

And don't forget to visit: http://scullcrasherdis.blogspot.com/


Schizo info

I will take a few days off, and when I'm back will a be a married man. May 17 is the big day. It was my parents wedding day, and I wanna honour my mother who passed away in November 2008. I will be back around May 18-19 and just a couple of days after that will I release Schizo Fanzine #8. I have just a few reviews left to write and I am so satisfied with this issue and I hope you will find it interesting to read as well.

I wanna send out a big thanx to all of you that follow this blog, there is around 40 hits each day, often more. I didn't really expect that, and I hope you will continue to follow the shit I write. 

When it comes to the distro part of Schizo, will I try to update the list as soon as possible. And I will start to sell off everything, so watch out for good prices.

Don't forget that I offer help with different stuff for your band, label, distro etc... Check out this, and if you want my help, don't hesitate to send an email. And also if you want me to review your releases... the reviews will be publish both on this blog and in the fanzine. Click on this pic for a larger version where you'll find all kind of promotion work I can help you with.

And here's my band Pass Out with 3 tracks...

PARTiYA - Assholeraisers

PARTiYA «Assholeraisers» - LP IS AVAILABLE NOW: crust-punk with elements of grind from Belarus. Vinyl contains 20 tracks, photo, lyrics and comments on russian and english. In april 2012 it was released with support of 8 distro / labels. Also LP is available in «PRIMITIVE-DISTRO» - http://primitive-distro.blogspot.com/p/primitive-distro.html Check this link for more information and download mp3: http://primitive-distro.blogspot.com/2012/05/lp.html


punk for tonite

This is what I wanna recommend this friday night

Vånna Inget - Allvar
Good swedish punk, with some pop feelings

Moral Dilemma -Question your authority
A UK band that probably will be interviewed in Schizo Fanzine #9

Power is poison - Anti Fascist
D.I.Y Anarcho punk


Ungovernable Resistance DIY

Ungovernable Resistance is back as you probably know by now. And a new blog
And don't hesitate you send your stuff for promotion at U.R


Reviews: 2 releases from Underground Movement

Wolfbeast Destroyer - Far from grace (digital)

I read that Wolfbeat Destroyer are influenced by swedish bands, like Disfear and Wolfpack. And it's easy to hear those influences. It's traditional dirty D-beat with raw vocals. If you like Disgust, and in particular their album Brutality of war will you like Wolfbeast Destroyer. These tracks will be released as a 10" vinyl in 3 different colours. 8 tracks of dirty D-beat, it won't be better and I think Wolfbeast Destroyer deserve much cred, don't be surprised if there will be an interview in Schizo #9 

Twisted Mass - S/t (digital)

This Dublin band just explode with furious crust and if I have to compare with other bands would I choose Kvoteringen, DS-13 and Tragedy. This is really high class crust. Underground Movement seems to release lot's of good stuff, visit their site. I got this as a digital version, but they will release it as a MCD and it's 5 fantastic tracks. How can a band from such a beautiful country as Ireland sound so fucking angry? There is occasionally some insinuation of metal and I don't use to say this often but according to my opinion is the metal just a boost.

Review: Agamenon Project - The masters aren't enough to us

Agamenon Project - The masters aren't enough to us (digital)

This is a one man band with lot's of releases in his bag. This is all about noisy grindcore, and even if I like grindcore will I probably not be the right man to review it. But I will give it a try. Agamenon Project have relased splits with bands like: Agathocles, Slaughtergrave, Rancid Fles and many more. The first time I heard this digital album was my thought that it was too noisy. But when I listen now is it just perfect. And it's far from all the boring goregrind bands. The song titles more sounds like a political crust band, and there is some crust feelings in a few tracks, that make it so much better than just ordinary grind band. Lay Off Me sounds like an old Nasum track. I can recommend this for people who like grind and want to hear something new. 


Review: Turist i tillvaron Vol.3

V/A Turist i tillvaron Vol.3 (Spotify)

Yet another compilation from Turist i Tillvaron are now released. The different genres are significant for this compilation collection. I find both old and new acquaintances. The Negatives who've belong to one of my favorite bands for a long time give me strong pogo feelings with their brilliant punkrock. Hyrda Knektar, another punkrock band, but with more pop feelings than The Negatives suprise me in a positive way. Uppgång & Fall have that classic swedish 80.s punkpop sound and the female/male vocals make it really good. Vervain, who use to be a good band isn't good this time, I think they have to decide how they wanna sound, it's the vocals who disturb me most it just doesn't sound good. The crust/hardcore bands on this volume is the mediocre Total Aggression, the good Träshers and another good band Livet som insats who play really raw and fast kängcore. Just like Uppgång & Fall have Vånna Inget that old punkpop sound, and I think it's allt the bands from that genre I like most from the Turist i tillvaron compilations. I didn't realize how good Vånna Inget really are, I wanted more and found more on Spotify, I have to buy their records when I get more money. Antipati is the last band on this volume, and if you've read all reviews in this issue do you already know how much I like them.