Review: Agent Bulldogg

Agent Bulldogg - Vi är tillbaks... (7")

One of the best Swedish punkband are back. This 7" was released in spring 2013. And I must say that some songs of this 4 tracks EP belongs to their best ever. Just listen to the structure in the vers before the chrous in "Vi är tillbaks..." it's amazing, and then comes the chrous and blow your brain out. The Perssons Pack cover "Det liv jag älskar" really fits to Agent Bulldogg and everything Oi! stands for. This is a DIY-release and that will always give some extra bonus points in my book. There is one thing that bother me, but it might be some wrong with my record player, it sounds like it spins too fast which disturbs the sound, in particular the vocals. But I hope it's just my player who spin too fast. My favorite track on this 7" is "Den jag är", which is an amazing punk/Oi! song, it's only Agent Bulddogg who manage to do this.

Reviews: Gråsuggorna

Gråsuggorna - Skyll inte på oss (CD)

This is my first proper acquaintance with Gråsuggorna from Rättvik. There is 9 tracks on this CD and it's all covers. A record filled with covers isn't always too fun. But that depends on which bands they want to cover. And to start with Abrasivev Wheels makes me interested. Exploited has never been a favorite band for me, so it's fun that Gråsuggorna make their song Class War, and in my ears is it better than the original, and I feel the same with Iggy and the classic song I wanna be your dog. Gråsuggorna make it better than the original. When it comes to GBH is it hard to match them. And both "Sick boy" and "Slit your own throat" are fantastic songs. Motorhead have some really good punksongs, like R.A.M.O.N.E.S, I think Gråsuggorna make it good, but Lemmys' voice are one of a kind. The last cover is by the Swedish band Perverts, and I guess you understand which song they do... yes that's right, Ronka. A classic song, but it's the cover they do worst. All in all is this a fun and interesting cover album.

Review: The Ødeleggers

The Ødeleggers - Kjemisk Avfall (7")
(Lukket Avdelning)

The Ødeleggers from Norway sounds like they hate everything in this society. The Norwegian language are pretty famous to sound like they're always happy. So it's fun with The Ødeleggers, because they redesign to language, all of a sudden is Norwegian more like Danish...angry and brutal. I like this release, because it's pure punk, sure it's a bit angry, but still just punk. I wish that more bands in this "pure punk-genre" could release 7"s, most of the bands nowadays are bands playing crust or hardcore, nothing wrong with that, but The Ødeleggers stand out in this case, they almost send me back to the 90's. 6 songs in 10 minutes and my favorites are: "Kjemisk Avfall" and "Bara en till". If I should find something to complain about would it be the vocals, it gets a little samey all the time.

Review: Irish Moutarde

Irish Moutarde - Raise 'em all (CD)

The Paddypunk scene just grows and grows, and I can understand when people say that if you've heard one band in this genre you've heard them all. However, I am very picky when it comes to this genre and my passion for Irish music is big. Many of the bands are actually very boring, and many are the fantastic Irish songs who've been totally destroyed. The prominent Paddyrock.com listed this album at the 19th place of the best Paddypunk album 2013. So our thoughts about Irish Moutard differs big time. I would place them at Top-5. Irish Moutarde comes from Canada, and it's the first Canadian band in this genre I've heard. The 6 members play their instruments very good, I don't use to like when punk is too well played, but this band really know how to play their instruments. All in all is it around 20 different instruments. And well, it's not pure punk, they also mix some different kind of hardrock most thru the guitar harmonies and the drum beats. They also mix male/female vocals. I think that Irish Moutarde are almost complete. 12 tracks which never get boring. Favorite tracks: The Black Mill, The Cabin and The Bear and the Maiden fair. If you are in to Celtic rock, give Irish Moutarde a try.


Schizo 10 Compilation

I will celebrate Schizo Fanzine #10 with a compilation. It will be bands who've been interviewed in Schizo Fanzine 1-10. And it will be a fantastic compilation with a good mix of genres.It will be a total of 20 bands/tracks. Follow the work here: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html

Here is the first 8 announced bands: Black Tartan Clan, Glidslem, Dead Subverts, Spotlicks, Stage Bottles, Partiya, Toxik Ephex, Gary OG. 12 more bands will be apply within the next 2 weeks.

This record will be released as a DIY CD'r version and a digital version as well. This record will go out to everyone who order Schizo Fanzine #10. Isn't that a good bonus? =)


Review: Sörlings Svinstia (2xLP)

V/A Sörlings Svinstia (2xLP)

Is it even possible for a new released album to be on of the most important album for Swedish punk through the years? Yes it is! This double LP is like a documentation of the Swedish punk in the 90's. Mikael Sörling wrote demo reviews in his column "Sörlings Svinstia" in the big rock magazine Close-up. The 44 tracks on this compilation belongs to the best from his reviews. I will not review each and every band, but I will write about a bunch of them. 

The opening band is Svintask with their song "Rage against new age", a song that sounds like the lovely Blitz song "Razors in the night", and that's a good reason to like Svintask. One of the best track all over this compilation must be Nervös Reaktion and their song "Discotönt", it's some kind of KBD-punk, it sounds so much like the first wave of punk. Victims is one the best bands in the hardcore genre and I like that their song "This fear" are so distinct.

Pass Out
is my old band, and I feel honored to be on this fantastic compilation.  Wildcat Strike are probably the only real  streetpunk band, and I love their "Save the whiskey for the boot boys". Chaotic Disorder kängpunk are a bit mixed up with grind/one beat, and the song "Krossa staten" is short and soaked of the lovely 90's. Yes, it's fun that Heffa Klump participate on this compilation, if you didn't know is Heffa Klump the band we call Randy today. It's cool to hear them with Swedish lyrics. Total Assbreakers also have that classic 90's kängsound (not so strange since all the bands hails from the 90's) and I really like their song "Snutas".

Well, there is one more streetpunk band than Wildcat Strike, and that is The Mockingbirds, and "No one is innocent" is a good song to have in the background while you're drinking beer. Kontrovers is probably the best hardcore/crust band, really heavy and brutal. Moralens Väktare would probably give their left hand if they could be Räserbajs for one day but they are far from that class, but this is a typical song for the Swedish 90's punk, a genre we call Trallpunk. Absolute Bastards is the last band that make impression on me, really good crust/grind. GOOD WORK Sörling!

Review: Kronisk misantropi

Kronisk Misantropi (7")

Kronisk Misantropi is a new Swedish d-beat band. This 7" contains 4 tracks and I like it a lot. It's very noisy and it feels like we're back in the 90s. Just classic käng without any unnecessary stuff. The distorted vocals fits perfectly to the raw hardcore. This 7" is the first release of Opposition Records who runs by one of the member - Joel, the other part of the band is Andreas who plays guitar in Passiv Dödshjälp. Kronisk Misantropi hit it straight on, this is the kind of käng/crust that I like most. It feels like a mix of Disclose and State of fear. Who needs innovatory shit when it's works perfect with käng like this? And who needs a fancy studio when music can sounds like this? I will recommend Kronisk Misantropi for everyone I know listen to kängpunk. And an interview in the future doesn't seems to be impossible.


Review: Lexington Field

Lexington Field - No man's war (CD)

This american band already have their fans in USA. But they will probably get some new fans now when Heptown Records release their album "No man's war" in Europe. But will I be one of their new fans? Well, I like folk music and punk, but I don't always like folk punk. There is a big part of this band who irritate me and that is the vocals. I don't like this american accent in folk punk and that makes it hard for me to listen to this album and thats very pity because they have some other things that is really good. The melancholic sound for an example, and the fiddle is another good thing and the main thing for this Lexington Field. I wish that the banjo could be more prominent. Lexington Field have all the raw material to make it good, but I don't think they take advantage of that. They say that they mix rock, punk, country, bluegrass, americana and folk music. But in my ears is it just a bit boring punk with a fiddle, with vocals that more sounds like Blink 182. So, the answer is... no I am not a new fan of Lexington Field.


Tapes for sale

Here's 3 tapes I sell on Tradera (Swedish Ebay).

Swedish political hardcore from the 90's.

Downward Spiral - Prey of ignorance
Fantastic käng/crust from Sweden. Recorded around 1996

Fudge Wax - Teen toffee
Another Swedish band from the 90's who mix ska/skate/pop/punk


Info: Schizo Fanzine 10

The work with Schizo Fanzine 10 runs at full speed. My plan is to get it finished before the beginning of March. 3 of the 6 interviews are completed and it will be a good mix of bands. I will keep the bands secret for a while. But it will be bands from 4 different countries, some classic and some new. All reviews is the part that take most of the time right now. I have pretty much to review but I can't complain. It's always fun to discover new bands from all over the world.

There will also be a report of the Swedish punk scene thru the years (not the big report I am working with beside the fanzine). My Celtic tribute chapter "Hail Hail - What the hell do we care" will be back in #10. But I don't know right now what I will write about this time. Asides from the 6 interviews will it also be a couple of small interviews/info about some of the bands that participate on the compilation Schizo Punk Compilation, an album you'll find at Spotify.

I have changed the logotype for this issue and will probably use this version for a while now. If you have any suggestions, tips or criticism about Schizo Fanzine, please get in touch: schizodistro@gmail.com . If you have a distro or wanna buy more than 6 copys of each issue, please ask for wholesale.

Available as paper versions:

Schizo Fanzine #2
, 36 pages [ 10kr / €1 / £1 / 1.5$ ]
(East europe theme)

Interviews: Inepsy, Saturdays heros, Filthy Charity, Pints & Punx,
Drunk Nach Osten, Campus Sterminii/Giuda, Black tartan clan

Schizo Fanzine #6, 52 pages [ 10kr / €1 / £1 / 1.5$ ]
(Punk Illegal 2010 theme)
Al-Thawra, Zudas Krust, Kansalaistottelemattomuus,
Spotlicks, Jason Vomit, Power is poison, Cow Mag

Schizo Fanzine #8. 56 Pages. [ 10kr / €1 / £1 / 1.5$ ] 
Toxik Ephex, Inner Equilibrium / Ungovernable Resistance,
Pariya, Really Fast Rec. Subculture, Sub Alert

Schizo Fanzine #9. 48 Pages. [ 10kr / €1 / £1 / 1.5$ ] 
The Bristles, Moral Dilemma, Slaktrens, M.O.R.A, Återfall,
Meinhof, PPP Records, Gary OG, AFA Ireland