Giginfo: The Great German Re-Research


"Först ut att drabbas är Göteborg den 9/12. Kommer Henriksberg att jämnas med marken denna afton då Inkvisitionen, Vitiators & The Great German Re-Research drabbar samman? Tänk er Inkvisitionen som är argare än Henry Rollins någonsin varit, Vitiators som är som GG Allin fast utan bajs & skandaldandet The Great German Re-Research... En afton i total kaos & provokation utlovas. Dag två, 10/12 är det Eksjö som drabbas. Då med The  Giesagöebbels på Hijackers."

Intervju med The Germans från Skippers Corner

More interviews

The interview section are updated with Power is poison, Spotlicks and Makabert Fynd,
the Makabert interview is exclusive and will only be found in Schizo #7.5
More interviews to come, both from the past issues and new just for this site.



Schizo interviews (New page)

I will soon open a new page with interviews from the fanzine. I will also add
exclusive interviews that you'll not find in the zine. The link to that page will you
find in the bar [interviews] where you also will find [reviews] with all reviews from 
the fanzine #5 and forward. Bands that wanna get their stuff reviewed, get in touch - schizodistro(a)gmail.com

Updates will come irregular but quite often.
First out will be the fantastic band Kansalaistottelemattomuus

Gary Speed - R.I.P

Gary Speed was one of the Leeds legends I remember very well. He played in Leeds
from 1988-1996. He was found dead this morning, by suicide, it's so tragic. It's not
often I feel so much when famous people dies but some people have got into my heart
more than other people.

Gary Speed. 1969-2011

In Leeds united 1988-1996

Rest in peace, all my thoughts goes out to his family, wife and two kids.


Scene report to Indonesian fanzine

I wrote a scene report to a indonesian fanzine. With some history, bands, fanzines
and active bands an blogs. I don't know the name of the fanzine but I got a link
to their webzine. It's most about the Malang City Hardcore scene. Take a look.
We'll see if my report will be published somewhere, otherwise will I send it to
some other fanzine. 

Have a good weekend. I hope Celtic will win tomorrow, they need that for sure.

Here's the link to the indonesian site: http://www.eastcoastempire.co.cc/

And here's a song with Gary Og that I can't live without

Grundbultens last nights

Last nights at Grundbulten in Stockolm


Rare... Strebers - Häng Gud live from Ultrakåken

Mob 47, Black Flag, Ebba Grön, Los Bohemos, Hela Huset Skakar,
KSMB, DOA, Svart Snö and around 2000 more bands have played
live at Ultrakåken (R.I.P)

Here's a really rare recording, Strebers playing the classic Ebba Grön-track
Häng Gud. I think it is from around 1985. Listen and enjoy

Burnt Cross [just for swedes]

Jag har fått in några ex av Burnt Cross senaste CD. Innehåller alla låtar från deras
3 senaste EP's, outgivet material och några covers. Dessutom har jag ju senaste EP'n
också. Så om man vill kan man köra på ett paketpris CD+EP 70kr + frakt.
Vill man köpa var för sig, så är det CD-50kr och EP-30kr + frakt. Skicka ett mail till mig
om det finns intresse. schizodistro@gmail.com

Totalt på CD'n är det 14 låtar. Varav 4 är dom från senaste 7" Break the law, not the poor
Klart världens bästa existerande band enligt mig.



Schizo #7 printversion

As soon as I will get the program I use to create PDF-files to work will the
printfriendly version of Schizo #7 be out. I printed one copy yesterday and
I am really satisfied. It will cost you 11 papers and some ink, but then will you
get very much reading. If you read it from page to page can you count with
at least 5-6 rounds at the toilet if you are that kind of toiletvisitor who love to
read while... yeah, you know.


Schizo #8

Yes, just a few days after the release of Schizo #7 have I start the work with
the next issue. I have already lot's of ideas of it's contents. But I need as always
your help. I want scene reports, gig reports, info about venues, blogs, bands
and all stuff from the punk scene. This is a good opportunity to make som PR
for your projects.

Ads is free, so if you want an ad in Schizo Fanzine, just send me an email and
we'll sort out all info. I can always help you with the layout if you want.

If you have any ideas, let me know. I will appreciate all kind of help I can get,
and together can we help eachother.

Have a good weekend!


Burnt Cross - Break the law, not the poor 7"

Since I co-released the Burnt Cross 7" - Break the law, not the poor. can you order
that 4-track 7" from me. It's 30kr / 3€ / £3 / + shipping. Distros, ask for wholesale.

[Old punks never die]
- - -
And this is from Schizo Fanzine #7

Burnt Cross - Break the law, not the poor (7")

Tadpole and Schizo is 2 of 10 labels who co-released this 4 tracks EP. I am proud to be one of them since Burnt Cross is my favorite band right now in all genres. Burnt Cross contains of 2 brothers (Paul and Rob) and I have made at least two interviews with them earlier, which you can read in Schizo Fanzine. Well, the brothers really know how to produce good anarcho punk in the same school as Conflict and Anthrax but better because of the fantastic anger the leadsinger Paul have in his voice. It's 4 tracks on this EP, one of them is Mob Violence by The Apostles, and I prefer this version before the original. If you, just like me can't get enough of Burnt Cross, order their new CD with tracks from their last 3 ep's, some unreleased stuff and some covers. And I have still copys left of this EP so if you wanna order from me, just send me an email. Burnt Cross really know how to deliver pissed anarcho punk, but sometime in the future would it be cool to hear them with real drums.

No more Ungovernable Resistance, but...

My friend Gazz who run Ungovernable Resistance will soon do some radical changes.
This is from the UG blog [http://ungovernableresistancediy.blogspot.com]

Soon we shall be deleting this blog and moving most of the info and posts to our new blog. Please note Ungovernable Resistance is no more. There is no change to our schedule of radio shows for punk/hc etc or our planned compilations. We shall be posting an update about why we stopped UR over the next few days. Peace. 

- - -

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