Review: Runnamucks - Deficit of dreams (CD)

Runnamucks - Deficit of dreams

Release date: January 8.th 2013

The Mucks have so many elements in their music. The first element is american old school hc/punk like T.S.O.L and The Germs. The second element is what they call themself - "Panic pop", but don't be afraid for the word "pop" because in this case does it hail from their melody influences and bands such as The Cure and The Kinks mixed with messy The Stooges punk. Another element is that the vocals sound much like Blanks 77, and according to me has Mike Blank one of the best punk rock voices. And the last element is that even if they are influenced by a lot of old bands is the sound pretty modern, far from boring and drowsy. This release from Ripping Records will probably be one of the most interesting in 2013 despite that I don't even use to listen much to similar bands, so that's a good compliment. There is 12 tracks on this CD and my favorites is: Projection Screen, Demystify and Don't cry about me. 

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