Review: Losin' It - Danger Zone

Losin' It - Danger Zone

Fucking hell, this is good stuff. Losin' It from Florida probably listen more to old hardcore acts from NY like Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of today mixed with the great Boston bands Slapshot and Blood for blood, than eating oranges from Florida. This is really high class hardcore, just as good as the classic oldschool HC bands. I think this EP is sold out, but their first album "No apology" is just released by Life to Live records. And I really wanna recommend Losin' It for all you lovers of oldschool hardcore. It is 5 tracks on this 7", the total play time is just 7 minutes, therefore is it nice that they have made a full album because I want more. The lyrics are about how stupid people act, like homophobia and my favorite song "Glory Days" - this line got stucked in my head "Your glory days are bullshit, Don't waste our fucking time, You threw in the towel years ago, but we're still busting our asses to keep this shit alive". 

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