Review: Projekt Ekan S/t

Projekt Ekan - S/t (Promo Cd)

This is my first real encounter with Projekt Ekan and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I can never get enough of this kind of swedish 3-chord angry punkrock. I like the pure punk lyrics about our fucked up society, bastard cops and life itself. And those topics really fits the music and it all together form a rough streetish sound. 

Projekt Ekan hails from the southern part of Sweden - Skåne, and it's probably the best dialect for punk music because it has a crude and dirty sound. This LP is limited to 250 copys (red vinyl). The first bands that pops up in my mind that I can compare with Projekt Ekan is Antipati, Gatans Lag and Oxymorron. All melodies are fine right through, just listen to "Köpenhamn", "Frihetssång" and "Jag hatar snuten", three tracks perfect for singalong. 

It is very dynamic and a perfect mix with some fast songs ("Virkat motstånd" and "Hipster"), although most songs are relatively soft. Hm, I think Projekt Ekan might be my new favorite band. The song "I shot the sheriff" is of course a Bob Marley cover, but the Projekt Ekans melancholic version with swedish lyrics is better than the orginal song if you ask me. This album contains 14 tracks at almost 40 minutes and everything is perfect balanced.

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