Review: Libyan Hit Squad / Round Eye split-Cd

LHS / Round Eye (Split CD)

What would you've said back in the 80.s if I would have told you that LHS is from America and Round Eye is from China? Americanism vs. Communism. LHS - Libyan Hit Squad has 6 tracks on this split and the music is similar to Black Flag, Greg Grinn who used to write songs and play in Black Flag contributes on one of the tracks (Full circle) Black Flag is a band everyone should love, but I can't really see their greatness. And that's what I feel for LHS as well. It's not bad but I can't find any charm at all in LHS. Well, let's take on Round Eye. And charm is something they have loads of. Their intensive garage punk n roll is really lovely and the saxophones make a lot for the sound, and even if it is some Stooges feelings in their sound is the sound their own which I think depends of that it's a bit fuzzy. Round Eye wins this battle for sure with their 5 tracks.

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