top-3 this weekend

Well, this is my top-3 list for the weekend.

1. Autonomads - Back to the bark
I discovered this band today even though I downloaded the record No man's land for over a year ago. I sent them an email and hope that they will participate on the Schizo Philippines Compilation. I have loved Operation Ivy for a long time, but I consider Autonomads as a better band.

2. Northern Drinkin Cult - Drink up the cider EP
This aussie band participated on the Swedish Delerium Tremens compilation tape. Later on I had luck to get their CD with these 4 tracks and a bunch of live tracks in the spirit of Macc Lads. This is probably one of the best Oi/Punk band I've heard

3. Blaggers ITA - House of fascist scum

Blaggers ITA have released so many good tracks. This is one of the most classic. I really like antifa bands playing Oi! and Blaggers ITA is probably one of the best.

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