Support for the people in Philippines

Gaz from Ungovernable Resistance has decided to make a digital compilation which will benefit the people in The Philippine Islands. There will be a bunch of different volumes and Schizo Distro/Fanzine will put together one of the volumes. It will be punk bands from all over the world and all kind of punk genres.

If you and your band wanna contribute, please send one or more of your songs + contact info to schizodistro@gmail.com

Every band will contribute with one track, and my intention is to have around 15 bands on my compilation. If you want more info, please visit:

If you have any further questions, get in touch with me at schizodistro@gmail.com I think this will be a really cool compilation in the end with lot's of bands from so many genres.

Please share this on your blog, the people in Philippines suffer really bad now, and if we can do at least something small is it a success.

Here is the confirmed band for the whole compilation (will be updated at least one time/day):
The Gardnerz (Death/Doom), Bane (Blackened Death), Temple of Void (Death/Doom), Dead Awaken (Death Metal), Fester (Blackened Death), Rocking Corpses (Death Metal), Bukowski Family (Brutal Death), Relentless (Heavy Metal/Doom), NonExist (Death/Thrash), 40oz Folklore (Punk Rock/HC Punk), Mental Killing Spree (Brutal Death), Dirty Protest (Anarcho/HC Punk), Freedumb (Crossover), Communion of Thieves (Blackened Crust), Burnt Cross (Anarcho Punk), Global Parasite (HC Punk), Norsk Raak (Ska Punk), Bombed Out (Crust Grind), Arvejord (Black/Ambient/Depressive), Dr Creep (Underground Hip Hop), Scarred Society (HC Punk), Warcorpse, Dirigiri (Death Thrash), Toxicology (Crust/Metal/Punk), DisXease (Hardcore), Crosscheck (Hardcore), Killbite (Crust/Metal/Punk), Ratbite (HC Punk), Trioxin 245 (HC Punk n Roll), Cunthunt 777 (Beatdown HC), Auralskit (Kang/D-Beat), Fredag den 13:e (Crust Punk), Suffer the Wrath (Death Metal), Reality Lost (Crust/Punk/D-Beat/Grind), Anger Burning (Crust), Oath (Sludge), Agamenon Project (Grindcore), Askgatt (HC Punk), Nazi's Shouldn't Drive (HC Punk), Zudas Krust (Crust), Fucktard (HC Punk), Brafcharge (D-Beat), Bruten (Grind/Power Violence), Freedom is Lie (Crust Grind), Partiya (Crust/Grind/Punk), Mindless Violence (Crossover Thrash/Hardcore),Headcleaner (Grindcore / Crust / Death Metal), Hellweed (Metal/Hardcore), Vengeance Of Karma (Värmland HC/Crust), Aggrenation (Punk/Metal), Hellcrawler (Death n Roll), Sickpig (Punk), Document 6 (Death/HC/Punk/Metal), The Living Dead (Punk), Bring to Ruin (Hardcore), Hanker Hoax Haphazard (Hardcore), Indoctrinate (Blackened crust), Sewer Trench (Raw Crust Metal), Disforia (Grind/D-Beat/Crust Punk), Napalm Raid (D-Beat), Earth Crust Displacement (d-beat), Psykoanalyysi (HC Punk/Crust/D-Beat), Senseless o.l.u. (Punk), Monad (Breakcore/IDM), Sapremia (Old School DM), Tarantulah (Metal Punk)

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