Schizo Fanzine in stock

Right now I have these in stock. 10 kr / £1 / 1€ / 1.5$ + shipping.
Distros, ask for wholesale. Info: schizodistro@gmail.com

Schizo Fanzine #2, 36 Pages

Interviews: Inepsy (Can), Saturdays Heroes (Swe),
Filthy Charity (Fra) Pints & Punx (US), Drunk Nach Osten (Cze),
Campus Sterminii / Giuda (Ita), Black Tartan Clan (Bel)
Theme: East Europe

Schizo Fanzine #6, 52 Pages
Interviews: Al-Thawra (US), Zudas Krust (Indo),
Kansalaistottelemattomuus (Fin), Jason Vomit (UK)
Power is Poison (NL) Cow Mag (Swe), Spotlicks (Swe)
Theme: Punk Illegal Festival: Asta Kask, EATER,
Benny, and Therese from The Punk Illegal Crew

+ Sangre & Burnt Cross

Schizo Fanzine #8, 56 Pages
Interviews: Partiya (Belarus), Toxik Ephex (Sco)
Inner Equilibrium (UK), Really Fast Records (Swe)
Subculture (UK), Sub Alert (Swe)
Also: Belarus Scene report, Goiana Scene report, Fanzines
Soundcheck, Against modern football

Schizo Fanzine #9. 48 Pages
Interviews: The Bristles (Swe), Moral Dilemma (UK), Slaktrens (Swe)
M.O.R.A (Fin), Återfall (Swe), Meinhof (UK), PPP Records (Swe)
Gary OG (Sco), Afa Ireland (Ire).
Also: Punk docs, Goiana Scene report, Gatans Musik,

Schizo #10 and Tragedi #2 will be out within 1-2 months. I am really satisfied with them both. Keep the fanzine scene alive. Support all fanzines. If you have something I can promote in next issue, just get in touch , send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com

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