Review: Hard Charger - Chrome Lord

Hard Charger - Chrome Lord

Yet another Canadian hardcore band. Well maybe I shouldn't compare Hard Charger with Born Wrong just because they're from Canada both of them. Their kind of hardcore are different. If I should bring two bands together just to come as close as possible to the Hard Charger sound would it be the hardcore vibes from Sick of it all, and the fantastic go you'll get from Zeke. But I have to say that Hard Charger don't reach their level. But I can't find any reason to complain, they do what they do, nothing more nothing less. I really like the guitar riffs on "Burn the rich" they are quite different from the 5 other tracks. The total playtime is almost 9 minutes and I must say that they really succeed to get their songs to sound like 6 different songs instead of just one boring long song. That is very positive.

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