Review: Born Wrong - Holding Cell

Born Wrong - Holding Cell (Digital) http://bornw.blogspot.ca/
A new release by Born Wrong never make me sad, it rather make me pissed off in a fantastic way since they are so angry. These Canadians really know how to do it. 5 songs are over after almost 7 minutes, so they are pretty short but still very good. I reviewed Born Wrong in Schizo #9 which was the first time I heard them, and I liked it then and I like them now. They have a touch of both the early angry Propagandhi sound and the NYHC sound. It's perfect for you who think Propagandhi are wimps haha. It's might be more like Judge and the likes of those bands. Straight on your face Hardcore. If you like that kind of music will I really recommend Born Wrong.

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