Artists and bands I dislike

Unwritten rules are something I really hate. And it's really weird that people who belong to the punk collective have so many unwritten rules. Here's 5 artists/bands that you really have to like. But I don't like them because I am a rebel hahaha... 

Johnny Cash.
I really like country and singer/songwriters, but I don’t like Johnny. A few songs are alright but too much of them just bore me to death.

GG Allin.
Well, maybe he was a symbol for lunatic rock n roll rebellion but I don’t consider him as tough. I think that people who worship him is embarassing. And even if I like some of his songs is it all fans that disturb me more than himself.

Elvis Presley.
I know how important he was for the youth in the 50s & 60s but when it comes to the music can I give you 1000 better artists in this rock n roll genre. Rock n roll was so needed for the youths in USA at that time. But now... well, open your eyes and ears and you'll find artists that is so much better than Elvis.

The Clash.
When people from big newspapers are gonna review a punk album will they always mention The Clash and Sex Pistols. That's because it's the only 2 bands he/she know about, so it's significant for a really bad reporter. I like Sex Pistols, but I don't like The Clash. Or it's actually the voice of Joe Strummer I don't like.

Bob Marley.
Yes he was a true legend and I really love reggae and ska but artists like Junior Murvin, John Holt, Max Romeo is so much better than Bob Marley. He is just boring.

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