Burnt Cross - Break the law, not the poor 7"

Since I co-released the Burnt Cross 7" - Break the law, not the poor. can you order
that 4-track 7" from me. It's 30kr / 3€ / £3 / + shipping. Distros, ask for wholesale.

[Old punks never die]
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And this is from Schizo Fanzine #7

Burnt Cross - Break the law, not the poor (7")

Tadpole and Schizo is 2 of 10 labels who co-released this 4 tracks EP. I am proud to be one of them since Burnt Cross is my favorite band right now in all genres. Burnt Cross contains of 2 brothers (Paul and Rob) and I have made at least two interviews with them earlier, which you can read in Schizo Fanzine. Well, the brothers really know how to produce good anarcho punk in the same school as Conflict and Anthrax but better because of the fantastic anger the leadsinger Paul have in his voice. It's 4 tracks on this EP, one of them is Mob Violence by The Apostles, and I prefer this version before the original. If you, just like me can't get enough of Burnt Cross, order their new CD with tracks from their last 3 ep's, some unreleased stuff and some covers. And I have still copys left of this EP so if you wanna order from me, just send me an email. Burnt Cross really know how to deliver pissed anarcho punk, but sometime in the future would it be cool to hear them with real drums.

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