Missing people: Radek Respond

Please, help the friends and relatives of Radek to find him.

The lead singer of Suffering Mind (from Poland)  has been missing for two almost weeks now, if anyone knows anything or thinks they can help please do. He was touring UK with his band, and then disappeared...
05 July 2013, in London missing Radoslaw Respond.

A man is 26 years old,
height 168 cm
brown eyes.
On the day of the disappearance was dressed
in a gray shirt,
long black pants and black athletic shoes.

Anyone who has seen Radoslaw Respond or has any information about his fate is asked to contact https://www.facebook.com/agata.respond?directed_target_id=0 -sister
or contact us (e-mail can be passed from the profile or via e-mail: mzaginieni@gmail.com


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